#Let’s write a poem

Yes, I am writing a poem today,

Expressing life’s experiences on paper, my own way,

Listening to my heart  what  it says,

Writing a poem that will make my soul sway.

The black and white pages of life,

Playing chess on its board without strife,

Enduring every move, avoiding every knife,

Living a life that’s a blend of sweet and rife.

Safeguarding against loss and gain,

Tolerating like sand  the life’s every pain,

Yes, I am writing a poem that will remain,

Forever in my heart, forever in my brain.

Life has given me so much,

But also taken away with its touch,

Moments of joy and moments of such,

Painful tears that have left me in a clutch.

Today, I am reckoning those moments,

Penning them down in poems and comments,

Healing my wounds with words so potent,

Ink and paper being my only component.

Sometimes inflicted by others, sometimes self-wounded

But the scars of my wounds never fade,

Applying balm to them with every word I’ve said,

For this poetry is a solace that will never evade.

Yes, I am writing a poem today,

Paying tribute to myself, to my own soul,

Making peace with the past, making myself whole,

With every word I write, I feel reaching my goal.

Yes, Let’s try to start fresh with a poem to console.

(Vijay Verma)

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