#What to write ?

What to write ?

As I sit here with my pen in hand,

I ponder on what to write,

Should it be a story of struggle and strife,

Or a tale of love and light?

Perhaps I’ll write about the battles we fight,

And the scars that we bear with pride,

Or, the moments of pure joy and delight,

That makes us feel alive inside.

But then again, there’s so much more to say,

About the beauty of the world we live in,

And the ways in which we can make a change,

Through the power of hope and inspiration.

So I’ll put my pen to paper and let the words flow,

With each line a message of hope and strength,

For in these words lies the power to inspire And

These words lead us all toward a happier life..

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  1. Beautiful poemabout the power of words

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