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Birds are important for the environment as well as for human beings. They play a vital role in every living thing present on earth. Not only that

Birds also played an important role in our epic the Ramayana period.

I would like to share some surprising incidence about Bird Jatayu as mentioned in Ramayana.

Jaṭāyuḥ is a demigod in the Hindu epic Ramayana, who has the form of an eagle. He is believed to be the son of Aruna and a nephew of Garuda. Jatayu was an old friend of king Dasharath, the father of Lord Rama.

According to Ramayan, Jatayu was a very old vulture bird. He was the King of the vultures but not very strong due to their old age at that time.

There is a beautiful story

When Ravana abducted Sita and flew into the sky and was taking her to Lanka. , Jatayu was the first person who tried to rescue Sita from the clutches of Ravana.

He saw that Sita matha was in trouble and she was calling for help. Jatayu did not hesitate a moment to save Mata Sita from Ravana.

 So Jatayu flew off into the sky to fight Ravana because he wanted to serve Lord Rama.

He thought,” My body is of no value if it is not used in the service of the Lord. The Lord’s most precious mother Sita is being kidnapped. It is my duty to stop this”.

So Jatayu fought with Ravana and gave him a good run.  He made it so difficult for Ravana for a while and thought that mother Sita is going to be out of this demon king.

But then Ravana’s strength came back. Ravana chopped the wings and limbs of Jatayu. Jatayu fell in the midst of a heap of blood and his life was slowly going away.

While searching for Sita, when Rama was passing through the way, he found Jatayu in an injured state.  Seeing Jatayu, they first thought that he must be the demon who is trying to catch Sita. So they approached with caution.

When they saw Jatayu actually dying because of Ravana, Lord Rama’s heart was in pain. Jatayu praised Rama,”– My dear Lord, please forgive me that I could not execute my service to the best of my ability. I failed in my service to protect Sita Mata..

He also told Rama in which direction Ravana had gone.

After the death of Jatayu,

Lord Ram, decided to conduct the funeral of Jatayu just like he is His father and they are his sons.

Lord Ram with Lakshman did the funeral and as the body of Jatayu was being burnt, Rama said,” — Today the loss of Jatayu is more painful to Me than the loss of Sita”.

Temple of Jatayu in Dandakaranya

There is a temple of Jatayu in Dandakaranya in Chhattisgarh. According to belief, this is the place where Ravana was going to Lanka by Pushpak Viman after kidnapping Sita and Jatayu was the first to stop Ravana.

Yes, Jatayu was the first martyr in the path of Ram. According to local belief, there was a war between Ravana and Jatayu in the sky of Dandakaranya and some parts of Jatayu fell in Dandakaranya. Jatayu’s first meeting with Ram was at Panchavati (near Nasik) where he lived. But he died in Dandakaranya.

Jatayu’s penance place Jatashankar:

There is a place named ‘Jatashankar’ in Tehsil Bagli of Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh, about which it is said that Jatayu used to do penance there.

According to some people, this is also the Tapobhoomi of the sages and the most important feature of all is that the continuous stream of water flows from the top of the mountain on the Shivling to the bottom, seeing which it seems that the stream is flowing from the locks of Shiva.

Probably for this reason it must have been named Jata Shankar. There is Gidiya Khoh near Bagli where vultures used to live in thousands.

This area surrounded by inaccessible forest leaves us mesmerized. As soon as we reach here, it really seems that we have come to the abode of a sage.

Legend has it that after Jatayu, this place has been a place of penance for many sages. Although very few people visit this place situated in the wild forest of Bagli. Butt every Shravan month, bhajans, pujas, and bhandaras are organized here.

It is said that Badridas Maharaj, a disciple of Keshavdas Faryali Baba, has taken care of the throne of this temple. Keshavdas Maharaj’s tomb is also there. According to local residents, the Shivling of this temple is present since ancient times. The mountain spring located here keeps flowing like this for twelve months only. It is neither less nor more.

It is said that this waterfall has been flowing since the time of Lord Rama, where did its stream come from and what is its depth? No one knows this. We have been hearing from our forefathers that this is a very ancient place.

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  1. Yeh structure kitna beautiful he sir!!
    Jatayu did a fantabulous job.
    He played his role in the service of lord Shree Ram.
    He also helped shree ram to know the whereabouts of Ravana.
    Apne jo painting share ki he, ap vsa kuch khud bhi bana k try kijeye na sir.
    And also most important thing

    जय श्री राम।।

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