My Artistic Journey

Hello friends, I hope you are all doing well and happy.

In this blog post, I would like to share a bit about my artistic journey and how I got started.  My drawing is my passion now.

That was the year 2020, and I was writing articles and posting blogs regularly.  In a short duration, I was accepted into the blogging community. My blog was getting acknowledged and encouraging comments and suggestions were received.

Moreover,  I wanted to have one category “Me and my Art” in my Blog, which is art-related, and discuss mostly art tips and tricks there.

I am remembering today the day When I first got started with my drawings and painting.  That was a beautiful incident that I wanted to share with you all.

Once, I was scrolling through Instagram pages and saw a portrait made by my Bank colleague who was also retired with me from a Banking job.

I was surprised to see that beautiful portrait drawing made by him with graphite pencils, and had  narration that I read as — Journey of Art Begins,

The idea came to my mind that I should try this hobby too.

 So I looked for a pencil and a piece of paper and started the first sketch of Bird. 

That year was  2021 and at that time, I didn’t know anything about drawings and all the different drawing materials, however, I was quite satisfied with my first day of work.

Yes, I was motivated by seeing the drawing made by my friend. Resultantly, I also started drawing and painting again after a gap of 30 years. I was drawing during my schooling.

 After a lot of trial and error and many hours of practice, I gained some confidence and was more excited about drawing and painting again. I was doing practice on a regular basis.

In the meantime, I luckily met a drawing teacher who was visiting my home for teaching drawing to my Granddaughter.

Trying different things

First, I was drawing with graphite pencils only. After a year of practice with graphite pencils, my drawing teacher suggested the use of other drawing materials too.

 I tried a lot of different forms of drawing. But  I found my passion for cartoon drawing and abstract drawing. Yes, I love Cartoon drawing and abstract drawing and made 50 cartoon sketches this month.

At first, I thought to use colored pencils and then pastels in my drawing. The journey continued.

The most exciting moment was doing the abstract drawing using pastel colors.  I was thrilled to see the colored drawing created by me. Those colored drawings were also shared in my Blog post.

 I was thrilled to read the beautiful comments and words of appreciation from you all.

Yes,  what  I am feeling is that I love those moments when I am in drawing and how fulfilled I felt after every drawing, I can not describe it in words.

Drawing Videos :

I have made 1000-plus sketches and painting to date. It was my dream to digitize my drawings and keep them safe in digital form.

After that, I made some videos of my drawing collection and posted them through my blog. I am excited to receive so much appreciation for those videos from friends. Now, I am doing my drawing practice on regular basis as such,   I plan to start a Youtube channel and upload my drawing video on regular basis.

Yes, I am going to start my Utube channel very soon which will keep my mood elevated and fulfill my long-standing dream.

Friends, drawing is my passion and  I am doing it on daily basis to reach the goal of 1100 marks at the end of this year, which is a new year’s resolution.

Whenever I do my drawing, my mood gets uplifted and my heart is like a singing Bird. This year will be mine to be a better artist, and a happier person, as I promise myself.

Click the link below for a video on Artistic Journey.


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  1. Excellent sketches Vermaji 😊💖

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  2. Your sketches are really so wonderful sir! Keep going and keep sharing them with us!😊😉✌

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  3. A lovely post! Nice sketches!!

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