# My sketch Book # 

Today as I was cleaning out my box full of old books, I suddenly had an old sketchbook in my hand.

I started turning his pages and looked at those sketches carefully.  They all looked very bad,

Yes. My sketchbook is filled with bad drawings..

It is indeed a matter of relief that my sketchbook is very personal.

I don’t want to show you those sketches,

Honestly speaking. these sketches are made one year before when I just started learning how to sketch.

1 / 11

 these sketches are from the days when I initially started to learn drawings.

I remember one incident when going through the Facebook post  I found one of my friends had posted their sketches and drawing which was amazing and beautiful inspiring art.

Then, an idea came to my mind. Why not, I should try to learn drawing and painting. I am very fond of creative art.

I purchased some loose paper sheets and started to make some sketches of pic taken from newspapers. But those were very bad to see. I was disappointed but desperately wanted to learn drawing and painting.

There is a proverb that — where there is a will there is a way.

I met a drawing teacher who use to teach my Granddaughter in their drawing class. 

I showed my drawing to that teacher.

He smiled seeing my drawing and said…  don’t worry, you have the desire to learn drawing. I will teach you how to make sketches.

I was very happy to hear this and joined his drawing class the next day itself. My class was running smoothly and I was in great zeal.

I made some improvement in just two months but then due to corona pandemic lockdown happened and my drawing class also stopped.

I was very disappointed with this incident. But then decided in my mind that I would practice by myself and prove myself as an artist.

I purchased a sketchbook and colored pencil for the first time.I started my journey of art and drawings..

Sometimes my drawing was not made according to my imagination,

My confidence started running out, and I realized that now it is very difficult to learn drawing and painting. it seemed like a waste of money and time for me.

One day I made a call to my drawing Sir and discuss my problems. 

He is a thorough Gentleman and always available for help.

They said, due to corona pandemic I am unable to visit there but they gave me some tips over the phone.

It was a  surprise for me, .. I again started to draw sketches and quickly filled that first sketchbook, and not only that I then bought another one.

I use to send those drawings to my sir through WhatsApp and received guidance from time to time.

I had learned some basics of graphite drawing and there was an improvement in my drawing day by day.

In the meantime, I requested him online drawing class and after a long gap, they finally agreed to do so.

I always use various media to keep on learning.  Instead of all my art work is done with graphite pencils, now  I am working with different types of colored pencils.

Suddenly my art is displayed through my Blogs on regular basis.

It is a fact that I am still not good at drawing and painting but always received appreciation from my friends. Yes, I need your words and support to keep my aspiration alive. Stay connected and keep motivating me.

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14 replies

  1. Good morning Sir! Lovely drawings my friend! Have a great day and I hope you do great things today!

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  2. Acha kaam kar rhe he sir ap!!
    Kafi achi art he yeh!!
    Expression kafi ache aa rhe he!!
    Kitna time lagta he on an average inme?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It must be so encouraging and inspiring to reflect on the progress you have made since starting. The growth which has occurred

    Liked by 1 person

  4. These sketches are not that bad, instead, I liked them all. Keep practicing and one day you’d be proud of your skills, sir!!

    Liked by 1 person

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