#National Girl Child Day#


Today is 24th January and we are celebrating National Girl Child Day.

In 2008, National Girl Child Day was established by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the injustices that girls experience in Indian society.

  • The main aim of the day is to raise awareness of the disparities that girls face in a variety of areas, including education, employment, clothing, and others.
  • This day also encourages awareness of women’s rights in our country.

It is the fact in India, gender inequality is one of the major issues that is needed to be focused on and it exists in several areas including legal rights, education, medical care, marriage, etc.

  • Female foeticide is another major issue that further affects the demographic problems in India.
  • A nation becomes stronger and more prosperous. When girls are educated and given the equal opportunity,
  • The national holiday is observed nationwide by holding a variety of events to honor girls.
  • “The world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved. Women who live bravely, both tender and fierce. Women of indomitable will.” -Amy Tenny

No doubt, the step of the Government of India to celebrate National Girl Child Day is an improvement mission for young girls and also a promotion of the significance of girls as a child.

National Girl Child Day 2023 Theme:

The Indian government has not officially announced a theme for National Girl Child Day 2023. However, it is said that the celebration this year will be around the slogan, “Digital Generation, Our Generation, Our Time is Now—Our Rights, Our Future.”

The main  Objectives

  • To increase the consciousness of the people and offer new opportunities to the girl child in society.

  • To remove all the inequalities faced by the girl child.

  • To ensure that the girl child should get all their human rights, respect, and value in the country.

  • To work on gender discrimination, and to educate people.

  • To work against diminishing child sex ratio in India and change the mind of the people regarding girls as children.

  • To increase awareness about the importance and role of the girl child.

  • To provide opportunities to girls and rights for their betterment.

  • To educate people about the health and nutrition of a girl.

  • To provide equal rights and allow them to move to any part of the country.

Various schemes are implemented by the Government

Various schemes are implemented by the Government of India to make the living status of the girl child better. Some of the schemes are mentioned below:

  • The determination of sex in clinics during pregnancy has been blocked by the government.
  • Child marriages of girls are restricted now.
  • To save a girl child a scheme namely “Save the Girl Child” has been introduced by the government.
  • Free and compulsory education for both boys and girls till 14 years of age has improved the education of girl children.
  • To fight malnutrition, high illiteracy, poverty, and infant mortality in society, antenatal care has been made necessary for all pregnant women.
  • Many Laws are made by the Government like Anti-Sati, and Anti-MTP to make women get employment and status to the Women.
  • To give equal rights and opportunities to girls’ several rules are made by the government for the betterment of the future.
  • Five Year Plans have been made by the government to look after the Education Status of the Backward States in India.
  • The ‘Operation Blackboard’ has been created by the government for Girls by which every teacher gets Higher Education for making students better in education.
  • The government has introduced SHG or Self Help Groups to make the livelihood better for rural girls.
  • The Open Learning System has been established for easiness to the girls of backward classes.

Therefore, every child in the country may be a boy or a girl is important and is the future of the country. Girls should be treated equally and should get all the opportunities in our society for the welfare of the Nation as a whole.


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  1. You’re doing an excellent job of raising awareness Vijay. Women and girls are the most important part of any society.

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  2. Encouraging and important post shared

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  3. A great post for the girls right…👍

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  4. Powerful post about National Girl Child Day. This is a great thing, much needed. Thankyou.

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  5. this is so true! as a girl I agree that other disadvantaged girls and women should get the opportunity to express themselves!

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