I never get bored with ..

Good morning friends,

 An interesting day full of activities work and fun was yesterday. I am back at the Laptop this morning and narrating here my whole yesterday’s busy activity.

It was a Test to myself on how much can I stretch. This is something I need to adopt otherwise my previous bad habits will soon surround me.

In this new year, work and more work are the main agenda. Sometimes doing a late shift it feels like the day disappears much faster.

I had done yesterday some drawing work only. Yes, my art and drawing consisted of portraits of cartoon images in a different mood.

As I have decided to make 100 sketches of cartoons this month because of my love towards drawing and painting, Yesterday was the day I have made so many cartoon drawings. Here is some wonderful drawing sharing for you to enjoy. How do you feel?

Yes, my friend, it is true that I never get bored with Art and drawings. It is my passion now.

Anyway, without further delay, it is time for me to let my beloved readers know the reasons why I am never bored with this hobby.

I Enjoy Reading The comments Of friends :

One thing that is plain for everyone is always to be curious about the comments and appreciation of their posted article or maybe his paintings. I also remain eagerly waiting for the comments of my online friends about my paintings and sketches. That keeps me motivated and enthusiastic.

Many of my friends not only appreciate my endeavor but also guide me to do something better. I am grateful to all my online friends.

Yes, that is life, my friend. Everyone has their own opinion and I like it.

A Fabulous Place For Self-Expression :

I feel that this is the best place to express myself through my painting and share each other’s opinions along with a discussion on any particular topic.

I would like to mention that no one is in the right frame of mind all the time and we are free to express ourselves via our blog posts once our self-expression permits.

The Level Of Interaction Is Amazing :

We definitely agree that the level of interaction on this wonderful platform is amazing.

Sometimes, we get critics and a few undesirable interactions from trolls on this subject. However, It is rare. Art and drawing are such vast area everybody is ready to interact and show their skill.

They generally comment on our posted articles when they read the narration and see the visuals.

Learn Something New each day :

whenever I Visit a WordPress site I usually see lots of art and painting of knowledgeable bloggers. There is so much to learn from them and helpful in skill development.

Happiness is Guaranteed :

It is true that there is a great relationship between art and artist. A true artists can enjoy every moment with their painting and creativity. My drawing always keeps motivating me and helps in staying positive and happy.

Increases Emotional Intelligence :

By practicing drawing and painting, we can get the chance to be in touch with our emotions uniquely as compared to any other activity.

In searching for ideas on what to execute on a piece of paper, we usually try to get in touch with what we feel at that very moment. In this process,  we are able to intellectualize our emotions to a degree of practicality.

Reduces Stress:

One of the great benefits of practicing art is that it requires us to focus on one thing at that very moment. This also means that I am able to keep away from unhealthy thoughts. Depending on one’s level of passion, art can be a very healthy distraction.

At this moment I am very driven in accomplishing my artistic goals. It also helps in reducing stress and the question of being bored could not arise.

Please let me know via my blog’s commenting section about some other way we can never find ourselves getting bored with.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Good morning Sir! Hope you have a wonderful day, productive, creative, blessed and fun! All the best!

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  2. Nice blog.I have never seen you being bored.Your response to my comment is being received within 15minutes.I wonder how you are managing all these things writing , drawing,Yoga etc.

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