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Most of us are living stressful life. I think the actual source of our stress is feelings of insecurity about not being enough in life. We are not satisfied with what we have and our subconscious feels that we are incomplete.

 It dictates much of our dysfunctional thinking. We have an imagination of a perfect life and falling short of that, reinforces this feeling.

Besides, we constantly compare ourselves with others who are doing better than us. As we see someone more successful, wealthier, in good health, and looking happier, that creates causes of feeling unsatisfied about ourselves.

Friends, We now entered the new year 2023, and it’s the right time to manipulate our thinking and try to improve our quality of life.  This is also a great time to evaluate our 2022 and take a lesson from them.  The new beginnings in 2023 must be to improve our health and stay happy.

My best resolution is to share positive thoughts and happy moments that will help us stay motivated and keep smiling. I think those words of motivation and positivity are sure to energize us to step into new beginnings with new resolutions.

 Change is scary :

Yes, Change is so scary that most people continue suffering from the way things are. How long have you been suffering? This is the time to say enough is enough and we have to move on. We have to come out of our comfort zone.

We are always in search of happiness, and for that, we have to follow some basics.

Manage our emotions:

We all have emotional stress moments sometimes. We might have a bad day at work or disagree with our spouse which may elevate our stress and sour our mood. It should not remain for a long time. It is the time to say enough is enough. We are not meant to live in a state of stress, fear, depression, and hopelessness. It not only takes a toll on our happiness but our health as well.

We should take care of our spouses and friends to have strong emotional bonding.

Listen to, your inner voice.

 Have you ever felt that your soul is telling you something? Some people call it intuition, but for me, my soul wants to guide me.

 There were many times in my life when it seemed I was trying to get something but the door of opportunity was shut in my face. When things happen like that, I feel disappointed. After some time I realise those incidents were best for me. What is happening that is best for me. This is positivity.

Meditation is very helpful:

Do not ignore your inner voice being sent to you. Sit quietly every day to reflect and listen to that. Pay attention to things that seem out of the ordinary.

Do not be afraid to ask either. When I’m struggling with something, I sit quietly in a place and meditate. I literally ask myself what I should do ?

Meditation can help us to calm our restless minds. Whenever feelings of insecurity,  and not finding a solution,  I meditate and find the best solution to my problem. Really it works, try it.

Practicing positive affirmations, :

Yes, I do affirmations such as ‘I am complete, I am happy, I am the best. These words serve as constant reminders to our psyche and help us to stay in a positive mindset,

Making a gratitude list:

I have a diary that is used for making a gratitude list and regularly referring to it. It helps in strengthening our relationship with what works well in our life.

Practicing self-love and self-compassion help heal our emotional wounds and neutralize our tendency to be self-critical. Pursuing inner goals, not comparing ourselves with others, and being happy with others’ progress are the things that help us to stay away from insecurity and negative thought.

Yes, I want to make my promise alive because Promises are the uniquely human way of ordering the future, making it predictable and reliable to the extent that this is humanly possible.

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