Laxmana in Mahabharat


In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Laxmana Kumara was the daughter of Duroyadhana and Bhanumati. I would like to share a story less known to us.

Duryodhana had two children, a son named Laxman Kumar, and a daughter named Laxmana.

Laxman Kumar was killed by Abhimanyu in the war and Laxmana was abducted by Samba, the son of God Krishna.

Laxmana was the apple of Duryodhana’s eye and was also a favorite of all Kuru elders. she was loved by all her cousins and twin brother because of being the only daughter in the generation of Kauravas and Pandavas..

Unfortunately, her fairytale-like life was destroyed because of four major incidents. Let us see what happened:

The Game of Dice:

Although, this impacted the lives of many people, but she was deeply affected,   even though she was just a child, People began seeing her father’s shadow in her and her brother. However, their mother Bhanumati was a strong woman and did not allow this enmity to affect their personal lives. Still, this was an event that disturbed Laxmana right from her childhood.

It was because of the very reason,  her entire life was screwed up.

Her Uncle Bheem swore to kill her father Duryodhana and on the other hand,  Draupadi swore to wash her hair with Dushasanas blood.  These situations can be very much imagined,  how disturbing this would be for a young child to think of.

Her Abduction By Samba:

Despite the harsh circumstances, Laxmana grew up to be an intelligent and beautiful princess.  Princes from all over the country came to ask for her hand. But,  the son of Krishna, Samba was smitten by her beauty and abducted her. This could do through the sheer strength of the Yadavas.

According to the norms of those times, no one was willing to marry her as she had spent a night under the roof of another man.

As a result, she was forcibly married to Samba and taken to Dwarka. Despite this, she remained cheerful and positive.  She felt honored to be the daughter-in-law of Shree Krishna and was a favorite of Balarama. She had barely begun settling down in Dwarka, But she faced another tragedy in her life.

Kurukshetra war:

That was the time when things took for the worst. The conflict between the Pandavas and Kauravas culminated in the battle at Kurukshetra. That has resulted in the killing of both,  her father and brother.

Laxman Kumar was brutally slain by Abhimanyu in that Mahabharat battle,

and Bheem kills Duryodhana, ending the 18-day Mahabharat war.

The Yadava Civil war:

Though depressed, Laxmana kept herself engaged in philosophical discussions with Shree Krishna and under the loving care of her mother-in-law Jambavati.

We would like to share that Jamvati was the only daughter of the bear-king Jambavan.

In gratitude and devotion to Krishna who spared his life, Jambavan gave up his fight and returned the jewel to Krishna. Jambavan then offered his maiden daughter Jambavati in marriage to Krishna along with the Syamantaka jewel. Krishna accepted the proposal and married Jambavati. They then moved to Dwarka. Sambal is the son of Krishna and Jambavati.

 Laxmana was trying to settle her life. Her husband, Samba too started taking out some time to be with her and care for her. Thus slowly but steadily she began to settle down in her new household. She finally thought that things had improved, but the most fatal tragedy again struck her.

Once, her husband Samba and his friends decided to play a prank on a Rishi. Samba disguised himself as a woman and asked the Rishi to predict what would be the gender of the baby. That Rishi who saw through this proceeded to curse him that he would give birth to a bottle and that would be the last blow to his clan.

The history made his words true and eventually, a civil war broke down between the Yadavas, and her husband, Samba was killed.

The bottle which had been melted and thrown away by King Ugrasena (who had died before the civil war) ended up being used in the arrow of the hunter Jara which accidentally pierced the leg of Shree Krishna after which Shree Krishna gave up his body. The city of Dwarka was completely destroyed and Laxmana then was rescued by her Uncle Arjuna.

What happened to Laxmana?

Before dying, Shree Krishna took a vow from Arjuna to go and save the women of Dwarka and bring them to Hastinapur safely. Obediently, Arjuna did the same after the death of his best friend and mentor. On the way, they were attacked by robbers.  Because of the onset of Kalyuga, Arjuna could not use his celestial weapons.

Despite that, he eventually won, but the robbers managed to Kidnap many of Krishna’s wives.

The main queens of Krishna such as Rukmini, Haimavati, Jambavati, Satyabhama, and others were still present and therefore saved by Arjuna.  But, they committed Sati to his husband’s funeral pyre.

Laxmana was one of the last remaining women to reach Hastinapur safely.

She reached there and found that her mother had just died of depression.

This incident greatly disturbed her and she became extremely withdrawn and gloomy. Though her uncles over-pampered her and took great care of her, she could never recover from the trauma of her past.

Despite all these troubles,  she went on to live a decently long life and died a few days after the birth of Janmajeya, the son and successor of Parikshit.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this rare epic. I’m unaware of this. Even though Lakshmana born as a princess her life is very tragic, who has faced lots of struggles. Life is unpredictable.

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    Padke acha laga sir.
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    Like Dwarka ko kya hua, Unke curse k bare me, etc.

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  4. Story is beautiful.I could not imagine how Jambavan was in Ramayan and Mahabharat.I think Jambavan was associated with Ram and Krishna.Myth is always a myth.

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