Chasing Fitness in 2023

Walking Boost your mood and increase happiness.


Hope you are doing well and safe. At the onset of the new year, we are running for reinvention and setting new goals.

However, very few people set achievable goals that can be followed throughout the year, sometimes situations so arise that we quickly forget that resolution.

I am also one of that victims… . ha ha ha.

Being health conscious, my new year resolution was to adopt swimming exercises on the daily basis without fail.

I know that at this senior citizen stage, levels of physical activity and aerobic capacity go on declining. This tends to increase the prevalence of obesity and lethargy.

I don’t like obesity and weight gain.

I Love Swimming

That is why swimming is my favorite choice to keep myself fit in this new year as well. The pandemic era has made fitness a serious goal, not only for being slim but for a lifestyle change and also to focus on being healthy.

Life Is A Balance Between Holding On And Letting Go

Friends, swimming is a good all-around activity because it keeps our heart rate controlled and keeps our body cool, and keeps our mind stressed off.

My trainer advised me that swimming also provides water therapy exercises for my back pain including spa therapy, standing or floating pool exercises, swimming, and conditioning using specialized equipment, such as surgical tubing, flotation devices, and resistive devices for the hands or feet.

Yes, in this new year, I joined the swimming pool with great zeal and enthusiasm. But I could continue for two days only. However, I was enjoying it very much but suddenly the cold wave got started. Looking to the cold weather, I was forced to discontinue that swimming exercise till the weather back to normal.

But I have to be fitter and as such, I went for an alternative and finally decided to join a gym.

 Feeling happier and more relaxed 

I was in the Gym

The next day, I was in the Gym. I was surprised to see the rush in the gym. The gym owner welcomes us with a smile. During a discussion with a gym trainer, they said that people are now serious about their health. They realized that being fit meant having a healthy body and those are the people who stick to their workout.

They suggested that —

being senior citizens we should start slowly. Please do not set unrealistic goals. Start easy, and come to the gym on alternate days as you are starting your fitness journey.

  • Take adequate rest, eat nutritious food and avoid junk food.
  • Get into the habit of coming to the gym and enjoying the moment. 
  • You will find yourself physically and mentally fit.
  • They also advise me to exercise daily for half an hour only. Do not overdo it, realize your body limit, and do not try to build muscle like a young one.
  • One more thing, please go for a regular check-up including Blood sugar level and BP. because it is a must for senior citizens like you.

Start a new chapter of life


Being senior citizens, we should enjoy a balanced life. Besides our gym training, a balanced diet is also necessary.

We should have other interests outside of the gym as well. I have an interest in drawing and painting and am enjoying this hobby. This keeps me mentally cool and happy. This is helpful in overall fitness, I think.

Chase Your Goals, But Live Your Life:

All this isn’t to say that we should stick to the fitness goal only.

We should make fitness a part of our life, not our entire life. We should cultivate a balanced and joyful life. This will only enhance our overall fitness without the threat of the fear of missing our goal.

Cheers to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2023

Happy is key to Fitness

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26 replies

  1. Is there something that you haven’t tried?
    Swimming, gyming, yoga and so much more.
    You are on a right track.
    Yes, we should go slow and should prioritise health and safety first.
    And this should be applicable at all the ages.
    Great share 😀

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  2. I admire your energy. I wish I can enjoy exercise like you do.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great Post. Sorry about the break in your weather blocking swimming. I hope you return to the pool soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Walking is an excellent way to boost mood and increase happiness. It can also improve physical health and provide a great workout. Senior citizens should start walking regularly to maintain their mental and physical health.

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