Am I an Artist ?

Hello, my friends,

Welcome to my creative website,, where I share my feelings, my thoughts, my happiness & my pain.

Yes, this is true that sharing my feelings with you keeps me alive and vibrant.. 

 I am writing on a variety of topics in my Blog since the beginning of this website. 

 Yes, I have created several categories for my convenience, such as poems, Stories, drawing work,  motivation, Lifestyle, games, traveling, and humor. I usually write articles on these topics and share them with you all. It keeps me connected with this virtual world.

I am fond of reading, writing, listening to old music, and photography. However, My favorite topics in my Blog are Drawing–Painting, storytelling, and Poetry. 

I usually share many of my photos that were taken by me, including my selfie, which would certainly enhance your mood during your busy day. My motivational clip would inspire you all, what I feel. 

Friends, the happiness of our Life depends on Quality of Thought and sharing with you all.

Today, I would like to share my feelings about my drawings,.. my Art. This is the way, we connect with each other and share our feelings.

Drawing is nothing but speaking to the Artist inside me.

Whenever I feel it bubbling up inside, my hand fingers hold the pencil and start dancing on my sketchbook. And in this way, a shape emerges before me, which I call a sketch. What do you call me …Am I an Artist ?

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist. There are so many benefits to enjoying drawings.

  • I love drawing and Art. Yes, It is art. Many people in our society think that loving and pursuing art means that you need to be a starving artist. But that’s not true. Art is a hobby well worth your time pursuing.
  • Art is anything resulting in communication, creative expression, aesthetics, and an unmeasurable value for someone. 
  • Some people view art as a form of self-expression, while others see it as a way of communicating emotions. We may see it as a way of exploring the world. I consider it a form of entertainment and a refreshing mood.
  • Drawing is the best way, we can save our memories for years to come.
  • It is an art to show the world what we see in our heads.
  • I can express my feelings clearly without even words.
  • My drawing is a stress reliever.
  • Yes, drawing is a skill that people have admired all the time.

My Target, My goal

I have set a target of making 1000 sketches this year and I have made 800 sketches so far. I have still 18 days in my hand. It is a bit difficult but I am sure that I will complete my assigned target.

What do you think about my belief?

  • I have already achieved so many other assigned targets this year. Yes, I remember, at the beginning of this current year, I made a resolution, some promise to myself.
  • I have posted 855 Blogs against the target of 900 Blogs. I am very much hopeful of achieving the set target before the completion of this year.
  • Writing 50 personal stories and posting them was my target– After eleven months of writing, WordPress showed up 45 stories posted and produced almost 70,000 words which brought me to a surprising destination.
  • At the start of this year, I had promised myself to do something different and one idea came to my mind. I had set myself a goal to post one new Blog every day as that was one of my new year’s resolutions.

To keep my promise alive, I am keeping it up, even if it has been a bit challenging a few times that breaking the chain sometimes, however, I managed 600 blogs in a row surpassing the target as of date.

I do really feel that this goal is good for me and pushes me to do even more writing.

We are facing so many difficult situations this year, that may not be there in the new year, and hopeful for better days ahead. My Patience and optimistic approach are my keys to survival in those days of fear and loneliness ..

Friends, I am now excited about the new goals to be set for the new year and hopeful to achieve the same by sharing joys and happiness with you all.

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38 replies

  1. Multiple perspectives you have enjoyed, great 💕❣️❤️

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  2. I can say you are a good human being and also a multi talented are doing good sir.

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  3. you’re an artist in my book! 💯 Enjoyed!

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  4. You are an artist my friend, you have the temperament and the will to create art and the search intrigues you. An artist is one who searches and trains himself to search. Great work and interesting thoughts you have proffered us. Good day to you!

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  5. So many targets for yourself, and some that will have really stretched you. I think you’ve done a remarkable job – and I would say you are an artist. I look forward to reading about your next set of objectives and you’ve encouraged me to set some for myself … not that I’ll be posting daily. 😁

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  6. Art helps recognise oneself, as you set targets for yourself. It’s a way of challenging oneself for betterment.

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  7. Post the 1000th sketch Vermaji 👍

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  8. You go sir!!!
    keep flying and keep sharing high quality content.

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