#Great lessons from Mahabharat#


Someone truly said we should remain a student till the end of our life. Every experience in life is a lesson for us.

Today I would like to discuss the wonderful lessons that came out of our great epic Mahabharat.

It is about three students in the Mahabharat … Arjun, Ekalavya, and Karn.

Yes, these three were great students that had a great devotion toward their gurus, and they acquired great skills as well.

Now here is the important question  .. why has only Arjun become successful and fruitful ?. And why not Eklavya and Karn?

What was missing in Eklavya and Karn, and what was special in Arjun?


Who does not know the bhakti of Ekalavya? when Dronacharya asked for his right thumb.

With no hesitation, with no questioning, he cut off his right thumb and offered it to his Guru Dronacharya.

Ekalavya could have questioned and could have objected to Guru Dronacharya. Yes, he could question that you are not my guru.  You had refused to teach me. You had rejected me as your student. So, I am not bound to give any guru Dakshina.

But, even then,  with no questioning, with no objection, Eklavya cut off his right thumb and offered it to his guru. It was a great sacrifice and dedication toward his guru


we cannot even forget the devotion of Karn to his guru Parshuram. When guru Parshuram was sleeping, his head was on the lap of Karn.

All of sudden from somewhere one wild poisonous insect came and began to bite the knee of Karn. It was very painful; it was unbearable.  Despite that Karn did not shake,  Karn did not move. Because he does not want to disturb the sleep of his guru. He kept on tolerating the biting of poisonous insects..

 And then, due to that,  what happened?  The knee of Karn began to bleed. And the blood came under the head of Parsuraam.

Guru Parsuram got up and saw that blood and said.. , oh my god…what is this? Afterward, we all know the further incident. Parsuraam Bhagwaan cursed Karn .. that when you will be in the need of this vidya, at this time, this skill of archery you will forget.


On the other hand, we all know the story of Arjun for his guru bhakti. so I would not describe it here.

Friends,  if we analyze Arjun Eklavya and Karn, all these three were equal in their guru bhakti, as well in their skill.

Even though, why only Arjun could succeed in his life? How could become victorious and glorious in his life? And why not Ekalavya and karn?

What was the reason?  We should think about it.

Yes, there is certainly a secret reason behind this. We should be ready for that.

The question is what quality made the difference between Karn, Ekalavya, and Arjun?

Reason one:,

Ekalavya and Karn acquired knowledge and skill from their guru,  but they acquired them by cheating their guru. So, they did not get the true blessing of their guru.

In fact, they got the curse of their gurus.

Whereas Arjun acquired the knowledge and skill with 100 % honesty, dedication, and devotion to his guru Dronacharya.

And because of that, Arjuna got skills, as well as the blessing of his guru.  That blessing made Arjun successful and fruitful in his life. I think this is the secret reason behind this.

So remember that the knowledge and skill acquired without the blessing of the guru become fruitless like Ekalavya and Karn.

Now, It is time to analyze ourselves, that we just acquiring knowledge and skill like Ekalavya and Karn ? or also acquiring blessings also as Arjun ?

 Check yourself. This could be a million-dollar question for all of us.

I think our Primary Gurus are my Parents and their blessings are of utmost importance to get success and happiness in our life. What do you think about this? Please share your feelings.

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10 replies

  1. Beautiful message from your post. 👍👏👏👏👏💐

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  2. Teachers should not discriminate among students on the basis of Cast and social status.

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  3. Great post, no doubts we have so much to learn from our cultures and literature. Have read many versions and povs of Ramayana but reading about mahabharata is new.

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  4. I think terrible happened with Karn!!
    He never got justice. He didn’t want to disturb the sleep of his guru, yet he got punished.
    Another reason why he Karn failed was because he sided with wrong side. But he was very loyal. He knew his friend was wrong, yet just like Kumbkarna, he stayed loyal
    Dron didn’t want to teach Eklavya due to his background, and he asked for his thumb because he knew Eklavya can succeed Arjuna.

    Arjun succeeded because he had Shree Krishna with him.
    When God is with you, you can never be wrong.
    Yet Arjuna never reached heaven because he got arrogant of his skills.

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