#World Soil Day#

Today is the 5th of December and we are observing world soil day 

 to draw attention to the importance of healthy soil for the sustenance of life on earth.

Being an agricultural graduate from Ranchi Agricultural college, It is utmost an important subject for me, and I would like to say something about the Importance of soil.

Yes, this day is important for us,   

 and the primary aim of the day is to raise awareness about soil degradation, 

soil erosion, and loss of organic matter resulting in declining in soil fertility.

As we all know that soil is the habitat, upon which zillions of lives thrive. Because of that thriving life, everything grows. We eat food, other animal grows and everything happens because the soil is rich. 

once there is no richness in soil, then we will be affected in many ways, 

We have read somewhere that; we talk of carbon; we talk of emissions; we talk of pollution at various levels. Before all that, we need to address the most important concern, Soil degradation, 

because there is a misunderstanding in the world, that there is a way to protect civic issues and environmental issues.

 Right now, if plastic bags are floating around in the city, this is not an ecological issue, but this is a civic issue. If our river is polluted, this can be fixed in one or two years if we set up the necessary purification plants. This civic issue can be fixed with a little bit of law enforcement and awareness among us., 

But in today’s time, the genuine issue is to save our soil. 

UNO agencies with enough scientific data clearly saying that we have one-third of the world’s soil already degraded and only 45-60 years of soil left,

We are calling this, soil extinction.

We have heard of dinosaurs going extinct, and we have heard of dodos going extinct, but this soil extinction is now what we are looking at.

Yes, the real problem is soil extinction because in the last 30 years, 80%of the biomass insect have disappeared from the planet. 

This is like suicide, it is expected in this 50 years’ time, there will be a serious food crisis on the planet. It is inevitable. When a food crisis comes, whoever has the biggest guns will come and take the food,  and the suffering that we will create for the population around the world will be unimaginable.

Don’t think only the poor people will die. They will kill the rich and the rich will die as well. 


This is not to paint a dark picture. This is a reality that has happened many times in our history. And once again it is being predicted by top scientists around the world. 

The question is, why is soil going away ? where is it going away ? 

We know that sand becomes soil if we add organic content to it. Likewise, if we take away all the organic content from it, it becomes sand., 

In normal agricultural soil, the minimum organic content that has to be there to call soil is 3 to 6%. but today 65 % of Indian soil the organic content is 0.5% or below that. So, literally, we are on the verge of desertification. This is a situation across the world. That is due to the use of pesticides, herbicides, weedicides, and pesticides.

It is very important to protect the soil. Because soil is the basis of our life. 

 World Soil Day aims to battle, as few things could be more important to humans, the inhabitants of Planet Earth, who could never hope to survive without the land.

Soil is, without a doubt, one of the most significant parts of the ecosystem and contributing to people’s food, water, and energy and playing an important part in reducing the impact of climate change. It’s high time that World Soil Day became known to more people than just scientists concerned about the welfare of our planet. So it’s time to get ready to learn about and celebrate this important day!

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  1. Very interesting and down to earth.😊

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  2. A much-needed blog sir!!
    Great information.
    Thanks for writing on this.

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