#An evening at Dhan Mill#


I got an opportunity to visit again Delhi exactly after one year. During my stay here in Delhi, I have visited different places.

But, Yesterday, I enjoyed a beautiful evening visiting a unique place. Yes, this is my first experience visiting a place called Dhan Mill.

 let us introduce you to Dhan Mill palace. It was earlier a warehouse and granary but is now one of the most aesthetically vibrant places for shopping, dining, and exploring art.

Yes, I find the Dhan Mill compound is an ideal place for people who want to spend their vibrant evening and enjoy the culture, creativity, and luxury,.

I would like to share my experience and hope it will become your ‘Go-To Place’ in Delhi!

Interesting Story about Dhan Mill

There is a very interesting story about this Dhan mill that came to know my curious mind.

R. K. Jain was the owner of a family-run business of agricultural grain mills, storage, and distribution in the state of Chhattisgarh.

In the year 1960, they packed up his local business and shifted to the capital, Delhi. He invested in a property located in South Delhi, Chhatarpur. That was a Dhan mill   ( Rice Mill) with a storage facility. The venture soon became a wholesale distribution hub and was supplied to retail shops within the city.

 But the facility ran at a loss for consecutive six years.

A few years back, they transitioned this abandoned Dhan mill into a creative hub, yielding a sustainable, mixed-market business model in the service of fashion and Cafes.

There are days when you need a super relaxed and chill excursion. I think this Palette is your go-to place for days like that. The cafe has blended a concept of art with food to serve your palette and its pleasant music is its beauty. It offers authentic Italian, Lebanese and Mexican food with the scenery of beautiful paint and canvas to unleash the artist in you.

Moreover, there is a chocolate factory too.

What Makes me a  memorable Evening :

I found this place so much sweeter because Dhan Mill Compound with Colocal is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory that also has a cafe. It was 6.30 pm when I entered the space. It surprised me to see huge dining areas, lots of plants, beautiful evening scenery, and, obviously, the scent of chocolate as soon as I reached the door.

As if Colocal is pretty much a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

We have enjoyed the richest, smoothest hot chocolate.

Yes, I tried out the 65% hot chocolate which was honestly a bit like drinking melted chocolate.

 I also had margherita sourdough which was my favorite thing I ate.

They also have a lot of vegan options, as well as pasta and burgers for which I am excited to go back some another day.

I couldn’t leave without eating dessert so I got the recommended chocolate tart topped with cacao nibs that they make on their own and the flourless chocolate cake that was fudgy and gooey and perfect with a cup of cappuccino.

I was curious to see the process of making the chocolate in

 that factory, which was situated on the first floor as well.

The staff, explained every step to me as they’re the first chocolate roasters in India. After the tour of where the chocolate is made, I even got to visit their bakery which smelled of fresh dough.

All the chocolates that they used in their desserts were also available for sale at the counter. I ordered some fresh chocolate for our friends to share.

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  1. This is an interesting blog
    Great review
    You look amazing in black sir!!

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  2. What a nice place! Good to hear Sir.

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  3. I’m so jealous. That sounds amazing – to see everything – what happens in the factory so you really do see how the chocolates etc are made. The cafe in your photos looks lovely. It looks fresh and spacious; and the beautiful green plants. Your description of the hot chocolate and the gooey cake sound exquisite – I’m not surprised you had fun. You looked like you were having fun in the photos too. Thank you so much for sharing

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  4. Nice write up on an interesting place which I got to know through your blog even though I live in Delhi. I will definitely visit this place now. Where is it located in Delhi?

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  5. Very cool that they showed you the process for making chocolate.

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  6. The food at that place looks so good!

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  7. Whoa, these are sharp looking photos with crystal clear quality. And a very sharp looking jacket too!

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  8. You are lucky vermavkv. Dehli still on my travel list, hope my dream come true. thank you for sharing about Dhan Mill.

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