#Neem Karoli Baba#

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Baba is a word found in Hindi literature, that means “father,” “grandfather” or “wise old man.” It is used to show respect for an older man. There is another name for baba called a monk.

A monk is a man who has dedicated his life to religion, partly by giving up some aspects of regular, worldly life. Many monks live together in a religious community or Ashram.

But Neem Karoli Baba is such a Baba of India, whom you can be called an incarnation of God and can also be called a Sant. He is famous not only in India but more popular among foreign devotees as well.

  • Among several foreign devotees, Steve Jobs, along with his friend Dan Kottke, traveled to India in April 1974 to study Hinduism and Indian spirituality. They planned also to meet Neem Karoli Baba but came to know that the guru had died the…

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