#I am a Vegan#

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Today is the 1st of November and Vegan Day is being celebrated as an annual event by vegans around the world.

The commemoration of this event began in 1994 by a UK celebrity, Louise Wallis. He was the first chairperson of The Vegan Society,. They established this society in 1944. As it celebrated its 50th birthday, it coined the term vegan and veganism.

A member of the vegan society is called a Vegan. A Vegan is a strict vegetarian who avoids many animal and animal-derived products for better health, and ethical and environmental reasons. Vegan means vegetarian.

This is a message to those out there who think that you need animal products to be fit and strong.

Yes, the world is moving towards the Vegetarian diet because its benefits are enormous.

Around the globe, we commemorate World Vegan Day through exhibitions, seminars, public debates, and workshops among others. The…

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  1. Good morning Sir! Hope you have a great and productive day.

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  2. Very Good morning Sir.
    How are you ?

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