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Traveling is important for our happiness and mental health. Studies show that traveling can be great for our mental health.

Living in a world of challenges, where we are constantly slammed with the stress of work, relationships, and maintaining a family, it’s important that we take time to relieve all that stress, so we can continue to function with happiness and new zeal.

Traveling helps us gain a greater understanding of ourselves to create a feeling of wholeness within our own individuality. This is important because remaining present is such a hard thing to accomplish sometimes when our brains are saturated with things to stress over and fill our heads with anxious thoughts.

Traveling gives us a moment to remain in the present, even if it’s just for a few moments. Traveling can also just make us happy overall. The pursuit of happiness is arguably the meaning of life…

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  1. I wanted to post to acknowledge the bridge disaster in India yesterday. Such a dreadful thing to happen at any time, but so much worse when you’re celebrating your Festival. I hope you and your family are safe. Bc

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