# Scene of Deluge # 

Good evening friends,
Never hate people who are jealous of you. Respect their jealousy.
They are the people who think you are better than them.



While I was viewing the Art sight called Artsepian, I came across a beautiful painting. It so hypnotized me that I decided to share that painting with their theme. It is “Scene Of Deluge “

About The Artist: Mr. Court,

The Artist, Joseph-Désiré Court belonged to a family of artists and so he grew up as a trained portraitist.

He was a brilliant artist, but he was not very rich, and could not afford the time and money to invest in a large project. That is why Mr. Court decided to focus on smaller paintings that he could sell easily for livelihood..

Destiny favored him and soon he had enough money to pursue higher studies in art.

While he was studying in Rome, he won a few accolades for his brilliant work. In 1821 Court received the Prix de Rome scholarship through which he could stay study and live…

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