#World Iodine Deficiency Day#


I am suffering from thyroid disease. First, my thyroid was identified two years back when I got a pathological test at the advice of my doctor.

Yes, I am on medication on a regular basis. I came to know that it is because of iodine deficiency. Incidentally, today is World Iodine Deficiency Day.

Yes, On October 21st, we celebrate World Iodine Deficiency Day to spread awareness for the role that iodine has in the health of the human body. The day is also called Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders Prevention Day. 

Since I am a sufferer of Iodine deficiency, it is my moral duty to write a blog on it, so that let people are aware of this disease.

Iodine is a mineral that the body needs to make thyroid hormones. These hormones play a role in several bodily functions, including heart rate, metabolism, body temperature, and muscle contractions.

Thyroid hormones also control the rate at which dying cells get replaced. When the body doesn’t get enough iodine, these bodily functions are affected. Low iodine levels also result in:

  • Swelling in the neck
  • Unexpected weight gain
  • Fatigue and muscle weakness
  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin
  • Trouble learning
  • Irregular periods 

When pregnant mothers are deficient in iodine, it could cause stillbirth. It could also lead to mental retardation, speech impairments, and deafness in children.

According to the latest statistics, one-third of the world’s population has an iodine deficiency. The country with the highest cases of iodine deficiency includes Western Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

There are different ways to enhance the level of iodine in the body. The most common methods are :

  • Eating certain sea foods such as shrimp and seaweed, cod and tuna which contain a high level of iodine.
  • Many dairy products including cheese, yogurt, and milk are excellent sources of iodine. 
  • Iodized salt is one of the best sources of iodine. 
  • Animal sources of iodine are generally the richest sources available, and eggs are one of them.

The main purpose of this international day is to spread awareness about the benefits of iodine among common people across the world.

Stay healthy, Stay happy and stay blessed.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us sir

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  2. Good morning Sir! Hope you enjoy the day in peace and happiness!

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  3. Nice blog on iodine deficiency.More or less people have iodine deficiency.

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