#Nine is Fine#

Good afternoon friends,
Success is not just about what you accomplish in your life,
it is about what you inspire others to do.



Today is the 9th of October, the number nine of this month.

Nine is my Lucky number. This may be my pre notion but I like the number nine. There are so many incidents that happened in my life that relate to the ninth number.

  • My date of birth is 02.11.1958, the total of which comes to number nine.

  • My joining date in the Bank was 29.11.1985, the total of which also comes to nine.

  • I got my first promotion on 01.12.1994, where the total of which also comes to number nine.

I still remember that I had written my first poem at the age of nine.

That poem is still in my mind, and a smile came to my face whenever I remember it. However, I am now writing poetry, short stories, and memoirs as well.


It is my belief that number nine is lucky for…

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