#Your Smile is Priceless#


We celebrated World Smile Day a few days back. But my philosophy is, we should celebrate each moment with a sweet smile because Smiling is the most fascinating word for me.

I am, of course, talking about the smiley face. Sometimes we use emojis for sharing Smiles with our friends. Whether you are simply expressing a bit of silliness or doing a small act of kindness to help someone smile. This is an act that gives an opportunity to help brighten the world and make the world a better place through the simple power of the smile.

A smile begets a smile.

Have you noticed, if you say “Hi” to someone? You will find a smile on their face.

To me, that is the heart of the quote. As a scowl often begets a scowl, and a frown begets a frown, so too does a smile beget a smile. This is a universal truth, and that is the wish in my life.

Yes, a Smile is the beginning of love.  While it may be possible to smile without loving, it’s hard to love without smiling. Think about all the relationships you have had in your life, and how many of them started with a smile. ha ha ha ha .

Smiling is important because a sweet smile changes our mood and we feel happy all day. A smile gives a greater feeling of well-being, and of love and being loved.


I also celebrated World Smile Day on …7th October. It all starts with keeping our eyes and heart open to the people around us, and recognizing when someone nearby could use a momentary lift to their day.

Yes, everyone can make a difference just by being caring and compassionate and helping those around them have the best day they can have.

My memorable Day

I made the day memorable by doing a number of different things on that occasion.

  • I shared sweet smiles with our all younger and elder friends during the morning walk. Not only that I had sent smiley to 100 online friends to make them smile.
  • It is important to remember that we should be smiling on World Smile Day. But, I would say keep smiling all day to enjoy life to its fullest.
  • Today is the occasion, to know how one can remain happy in every situation.
  • The fact is that life is so challenging these days that we often tend to forget about ourselves because we are always so busy solving our day-to-day problems.

We should think, what thing makes us happy? What act is going to make us smile? I made a to-do list for the day and follow them to make the day enjoyable to the fullest.

Feel the difference

  • I had written a blog on World Smile day and shared it with you all, the link to which is given below.–
  • I made 10 sketches in one hour to challenge myself and a smile on my face I felt after getting successfully resolving the challenges.
  • I had a swimming session in the morning with our elderly friends. I love swimming in the swimming pool available here.
  • I played TT with my young friends and I won all the matches despite my old age. Sometimes Experiences overpower the skill.  Ha ha ha .
  • I had a phone- o- friend session with my distant friends.

  When we help a needy person, a big smile on his face can be seen and we smile to see his smiling face.

 Of course, there are plenty of other things that could make us smile as well. We can spend some time watching our favorite film or television program.

Friends, Your Smile is priceless. Stay happy and keep smiling. It gives a feeling of dignity and worth to others, and to you.

Smile for your own good, smile for the good of others, and smile because it’s the beginning of love. And if there’s one thing the world needs more of, it is love.

Please click the link below for the previous blog….


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  1. Yes, cent℅ true smile is really priceless😊😊

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  2. love this post, so joyful; hope my post makes you smile 🙂

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  3. A smile definitely makes a difference in the lives of people. It could make someone’s day, cheer people up and strengthen relationships.

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  4. Good morning Sir! Your smile is inspiring and fills us with happiness. A smile is the best thing we can give to each other a true human gesture. Hope you enjoy a wonderful day!

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  5. Love the sketches!!
    Keep smiling

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  6. You’re right, smile is infectious. Let’s spread it.

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  7. Smiling makes us feel better.

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  8. Smile 😊 is a wonderful medicine which cures many diseases. Keep on smiling 😁

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  9. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Good morning friends,
    The battles that count aren’t the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself—the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us—that’s where it’s at.


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