#Happy Senior Citizen Day#

If you have a choice, choose the best.
if you have no choice, then do your best.



Today is World Senior Citizen’s Day. The entire world celebrates world Senior Day on August 21 to highlight the contribution of elderly people to human society and honor them.

We dedicate the day to the work done by the senior citizens of our society who dedicated their lives to the nation’s development.

It was declared “Senior Citizen Day” in 1988 by Ronald Reagan, the then president of the USA.

The day is also celebrated to bring attention to various issues that affect the elderly, such as health issues, and abuse by the younger generation. The Senior citizens deserve love, care, and respect from us. They are the storehouse of knowledge and experiences of life. We should pay our gratitude for their contribution and service to our society.

There are several programs conducted worldwide to raise awareness of elder abuse.

On this day people take selfies with their elderly and…

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  1. Wonderful photograph! Great colours Sir! Hope you had a great day! Have a good evening too!

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  2. Happy Senior Citizen Day to you too!

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