Budding Photographer -12


Photography is the Art of making memories tangible. Today one of my friends asked me about my hobby of photography.

As you know, I have so many hobbies which I am enjoying now-a-days. Photography is one of them. I am also blogging on this topic under the title “Budding Photography

I love photography and whenever I travel within India or abroad; I used to click so many photos on that occasion. But because of my lethargic attitude, I could not arrange properly those photos and not saved them on my hard disc. Some photos are missing from my camera.

Now I have decided to get them arranged and share some photos with you with a brief description of those moments. I am sure you will enjoy it as if you are traveling with me.

Let us start this journey of Photography.

I am a fan of IPL. whenever a match is organized in the Eden Gardens, Kolkata, I visit the stadium and enjoy the match with friends. This is a selfie taken on the occasion of a match between KKR and CSK . Being Kolkatian I always support KKR . However this particular match won by CSK. Ha ha ha .

I took this pic when I was on a morning walk and suddenly I found the sky was filling with clouds. After some time I had an experience of a dense fog all around. The views were eye-catching, and it thrilled me to see the beauty of nature. I could not resist myself to click those beautiful moments.

Never let the fear of striking

This photo is just fun for me and was taken when I was on a tour to Singapore. This photo is very close to my heart which is clicked by my son.

Friends, I am learning Macro photography as well.

I will make others happy.

Macro photography is a type of photography that allows a photographer to take close-up shots of small objects. It can be done with any camera, but it requires a lens with macro capabilities.

Spread love everywhere you go.

Yes, Macro lenses are necessary for photographing small objects, such as insects and flowers, or for close-up shots of people’s faces. But It can be difficult to do with a regular camera. This is because it requires a lot of precision and patience.

Since I don’t have that kind of lens in our camera so I decided to do the things with my available mobile.

Tell me and I forget

A mobile phone with a macro camera can be used to take pictures in this way with no extra equipment or lenses required.

The benefits of using a mobile phone with a macro camera are that they are easy and convenient to use, they don’t require any extra equipment or lenses, and they can provide high-quality images when used correctly.

I have been told that before clicking any object,  I should organize the frame very well,  focus on the expression of the object, and finally control of light and shadow — so that the viewer immediately knows what the subject of the image is.”

Kolkata Meri Jaan

I am just started learning this macro photography and find this hobby full of excitement.

 I think the hardest thing about macro photography is actually pre-visualization — learning to recognize what a good macro subject might be,. “Because when you’re going into macro distances, things just changed than what we see in the naked eye.

This is just fun for me and now enjoying this great hobby. I am also sharing here some photographs and hope for your positive response. So, please share your feeling as well.

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  1. Good morning Sir! Photography is a great art form and you are en route to developing some fine art!

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  2. Now a days, all who have mobile more or less are photo graphers.Photograph is an art.It develops creativity ,the sense of beauty.Nice blog.

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    Good afternoon friends


  4. Great work except for the photo with the snake.😃

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