Enjoy work with Time Management

Until you value yourself, you will not value your time.

Dear friends,

We have been hearing this thing since childhood, that… Time is money, even more, precious than money. So, Don’t waste your time, value it.

There is only the difference between wasting money and wasting time is that .. we can earn Lost money back but we cannot buy back the time spent.

Whatever doing work the whole day,  it must be assessed once before going to sleep at night, how productive was today for me ?

Everyone has some goal in life, and they are struggling to achieve that. I believe that long-term or short-term goals can be achieved by managing time.

 It is also true saying that “Time ruins those who waste time” 

Friends, It is very important to know how to save our precious time and make the best use of it. All people have the same 24 hours a day, but the successful person knows how to manage time well.

Now the question is, how we spend 24 hours of the day to get optimal results..

I would like to discuss here seven tools of time management, which can really make a difference in our life and can be helpful in achieving our desired goal successfully.

Do they deserve a place on the top ?

Manage No Mobile Time :

During the day when you are working, keep your mobile off at that time, so that you can complete your assignment with no distraction. Apart from this, whenever we are enjoying lunch, dinner, and breakfast, with family, your mobile should be away from you. Because that is the quality time spending with your family. 

 Nowadays, this mobile acts as the biggest distraction for us and spoils our family relationships. Therefore, the use of mobile should be managed carefully..

Adhere to Primary daily action:

Although we have a lot of important work to do in a day. Some of them are the most important one,  which helps us to reach our goal. Hence we should prioritize our work and should be finished in time. We should keep in mind the goals that will serve as a guide.

Whenever I choose the topics for the blog to write, I first draw my strategy to accomplish the work in time and act accordingly.

Keep busy and aim to make someone else happy.

Better use of social media slot :

We have seen that whenever we put a post on social media; we keep on checking the performance at a few times intervals throughout the day. This is nothing but a waste of a lot of our productive time.

No doubt Social media is an excellent platform but we have to refrain from such acts and access to social media should be used with certain restrictions. We should be disciplined about the use of mobile and social media. We can use it in a particular time slot so that more time may be available to focus on our assigned work.

To make Time Blocks :

It is a fact that sometimes the whole day spends with no fruitful work and we feel sorry at the end of the day. 

To make the best use of time, we should have a division of time for doing different assignments of the day.

We should make some time block for the day which may be of 45 to 60 minutes time slot.  In that time slot, the selected work should be performed with utter dedication and with concentration. There will be no question of getting distracted at all.

I am also following it meticulously now, and usually make three to four-time blocks in a day for an hour each. This may be helpful to increase our productivity and we may also get better results. 

Daily Night Reviews :

Every day before going to bed, we should review the time spent throughout the day. This also evaluates our performance of the day. 

You will never find time for everything

Stress management is essential:

If we are under stress, we cannot perform better. That is why we should keep away from any type of stress. I use meditation, pranayama, and exercise in the morning every day to manage stress.

We should follow a healthy daily routine including regular morning walks, and an eating balanced diet. All these are helpful in managing our stress levels. 

Do one task at a time :

In today’s rat race life, we have become multi-tasking.  For most of us going through the same phase,  It is okay to some extent,  but one should make sure to do only one task at a time so that focused action is made and completed assigned work in the scheduled time block. 

I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.

Friends, Anywhere in the world, the youth group contributes the most to the development of a country. We are lucky that ours is a country of youth.

But it is heartening that most of our young generation waste their valuable time on useless work. They waste some of their valuable time in the affair of love, and even much more time to spend on apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Some of them are addicted to playing online games, watching movies, TVs, and smartphones.

Here, I am not saying that all these things are useless, but the purpose of my saying is that we should use them in a limited way because all these are thieves, who are stealing our precious time.

Now, it is necessary to rein them as soon as possible. You may not like my words today, but one day you will definitely realize this. (Pic source: Google.com)

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  1. Great blog
    Absolutely love it. Such blogs are much needed. I am happy that you have written it 🙂
    I’m saving it

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  2. Time is precious. Management of time is important. We all are managing time according to our needs.It should be target orientated, result oriented and cost reduction oriented.All are linked with time management. Nice blog.

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    If you have a choice, choose the best,
    If you have no choice, then do your best.


  4. Well written post and I couldn’t agree more on the mobile phones!

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