The Mastery of Self

Good afternoon friends,


No matter how good a person you are.


Mind is very fickle and sometimes acts against our wishes. That is why we want to control our mind . In fact, our quest to control every aspect of life has made us good at mastering several things in the world around us.

But it seems to be very difficult to get a mastery of the world within us.

In the present world , we have become slaves not just to our mind but also to our sense organs..

we are so dependent on situations and influenced by people that in no time we get addicted to substances and gadgets, resulting in unhealthy food cravings, most of our valuable time spend on social media , and buying things to impress others.

To make our life meaningful and happy , we have to control our mind and sense organs . There are…

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  1. Those are very true and wise words. Wisdom comes from learning and mastery comes from discipline and a sense of duty. Controlling our mind can lead us to do wonderful things. A most brilliant post. Greetings and all the best.

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  2. Bela reflexão, amigo 👏👏👏

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  3. Também estou bem, querido.
    aproveitando os dias chuvosos.


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