# Me and my mobile #

Awareness and freedom lie beyond the wall
of past experiences.


My dear mobile… I Love you so much. You are my only one Bestiee who does not hurt me …

Me and my mobile often talk with each other. When you are not with me, it seems as if my life has stopped. I’m starting to love you so much.

You help me a lot to keep me updated. You are my genie on the move.

It is true that the concept of today’s life is useless without you. People usually say that mobile is a terrible thing in the present context. It has snatched away the happiness and peace of the people. Many of us start counting its demerits. Even they blame the mobile for mental illness.

But whatever it is, I have also learnt some good things from this gadget. Yes, from this mobile, I have learned the six basic mantras of life.

Do not forget to…

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  1. Genie on the move is a good way to think of a cell phone.

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