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Today is 15th June, and we are observing World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The UN General Assembly announced June 15 as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. On this day, the entire world is asked to give voice to any form of abuse given to elderly people.

The number of elder people is getting increased day by day and the abuse of older people is increasing as well.

Being an elder man, it is my moral duty to raise the problems facing by us in the present situation.

Yes, abusing an elder is a serious issue that the world is facing right now.

The purpose of celebrating World Abuse Day is mainly to create awareness about abusing elders. Each elderly should be given protection and respected all around the world, in the society and family.

  • Looking at their vast experience of life of elderly, we must stop abusing elders and start understanding their problems and taking care of them.
  • Historically, the United Nations has defined an “elder” person as anyone 60 years or older. They are also retired people.
  • Globally, there were 727 million persons aged 65 years or over in 2020.
  • In the U.S. the population age 65 and older numbered 54.1 million in 2019. They represented 16% of the total population in America, i.e.  more than one in every seven Americans.
  • Japan was the world’s most aged population in 2017 (33 per cent aged 60 or over) and it is projected to remain so through 2050 (42 per cent aged 60 or over).
  • India’s elderly population (aged 60 and above) is projected to touch 194 million in 2031 from 138 million in 2021, a 41 percent increase over a decade, according to the National Statistical Office (NSO)’s Elderly in India 2021 

This is the fact that the elder abuse is one of the least investigated violence and the abuse is not addressed like other social issues by the national action plans.

Elderly people have all the rights to be treated with respect and We must think that they have gone through all the struggles in their life . Now during their elderly life, they should lead a happier life without getting abused. They have all rights to get respect and dignity.

The elder people should be given good health care as well. If someone is abusing the elders, make sure you question them and file a complaint against them.


Major symptom of elderly can seem daunting­—greying hair, wrinkles on faces, and usually forgetting where they parked his car.

The elderly have so many health issues. It is important to understand the challenges faced by them , and recognize that there are preventive measures that can place on a path to healthy aging.

Common cause of concern in older age includes hearing loss, cataracts and refractive errors, back and neck pain and osteoarthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, depression and dementia.

Mental Health

Mental health problems of the elderly are significant in frequency and in their influence on the overall well-being of the individual. 25 percent of older persons have serious symptoms of mental disorders

Depression is the psychiatric illness that occurs most commonly in old age; it is more prevalent than all forms of dementia and psychosis . There are so many reasons for depression. There may be because of loneliness, social abuse or drug side effects,

Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of cognitive impairment in old age. Several studies have shown the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease in the older adult population to range from approximately 6 percent to more than 10 percent .

Suicide is a more frequent cause of death among the elderly than any other age group. In 1984, the suicide rate for white men age 65 and older was 41.6 deaths per 100,000 population, which was four times the national rate and six times the rate for white women age 65 and older.

Chronic health conditions

About 92 percent of seniors have at least one chronic disease and 77 percent have at least two.

Heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are among the most common and costly chronic health conditions, causing two-thirds of deaths each year..

Cognitive health

Cognitive health is focused on a person’s ability to think, learn, and remember. The most common cognitive health issue facing the elderly is dementia, the loss of those cognitive functions. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, with as many as five million people over the age of 65 suffering from the disease in the United States.

.Physical injury

Every 15 seconds, an older adult is admitted to the emergency room for a fall. A senior dies from falling every 29 minutes, making it the leading cause of injury among the elderly.

Because aging causes bones to shrink and muscle to lose strength and flexibility, seniors are more susceptible to losing their balance, bruising and fracturing a bone.

In many cases, they can be prevented through education, increased physical activity, and practical modifications within the home.


Malnutrition in older adults over the age of 65 is often underdiagnosed and can lead to other elderly health issues, such as a weakened immune system and muscle weakness. The causes of malnutrition can stem from other health problems like depression, alcoholism, dietary restrictions, reduced social contact, and limited income.

Oral health

Often overlooked, oral health is one of the most important issues for the elderly. It is found that about 25 percent of adults over the age of 65 no longer have their natural teeth. Problems such as cavities and tooth decay can lead to difficulty maintaining a healthy diet, low self-esteem, and other health conditions.

The main Oral health issues associated with elderly are dry mouth, gum disease and mouth cancer. These conditions could be prevented by making regular dental check-ups.and Dental care.

. Bladder control and constipation

Incontinence and constipation are both common with aging, and can impact elderly quality of life.

It is due to not eating a well-balanced diet and suffering from chronic health conditions. These issues can be managed by maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly .

it is well known that we are living much longer,  thanks to improved living conditions and health care. While being able to reach old age is something to be thankful for, But there are several challenges facing the elderly, which we all need to pay more attention to. 

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  1. Definitely elders should be given due respect. And should be treated with humanity 🌹

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  2. A very beautiful blog sir!
    I love it, it’s very well researched.
    Yes, we should definitely respect our elders. They gave us everything and we should not mistreat them.

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    You may not be perfect in many things but many things
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