Hello my friends

Good morning friends


The Purpose of our Lives is to be Happy.

Welcome to my creative website, retiredkalam.com, where I share my feelings, my thoughts, my happiness & my pain.

Yes, this is the fact that sharing my feelings with you keeps me alive.

I am writing about a variety of topics Since beginning of my blog 2021.

I have created several categories for my convenience, such as poems, Stories, drawing work, motivation, Life style, games, travelling and humour.

One of the Best Feelings is knowing that…

I am fond of reading, writing, listening to old music, and photography. My favourite topics in my Blog are Drawing – Painting, storytelling, and Poetry.

I used to share many of the photos that were taken by me, including my selfie, that would certainly enhance your mood during your busy day. My motivational clip would inspire you all. what I feel.

Happiness of our…

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2 replies

  1. Great!!
    Keep sharing!! 🙂
    Yoga and workout is definitely important.
    I like how you have shared a 5 breathing exercise. Also love the drawing of you by you. Keep sharing. Keep smiling.

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