# Wandering in the woods #

Good afternoon friends



We were experiencing two long years of stress and anxiety because of the pandemic. We were suffering from mask wearing, no travelling and scrolling all the time gloomy news.

Now, we were seeking to travel to the place where we can have a healing effect on our minds and bodies.

In such a situation, we had decided to travel to Sikkim for a week – long program. In fact, we had a thought to seek regenerative travel to bridge the gap between self-care and exploration.

I like most to “adventure in woods” and that dream came true when I wandered in the woods while visiting a dense forest there.

Yes, that was Mahananda Weir Wildlife Sanctuary. We entered the sanctuary through the Sukna Gate side.

Sanctuary is Situated between Mahananda and Teesta River in Siliguri. This vast expanse of forest lands is home to rare mountain goat, Cheetal, barking…

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  1. Wonderful..and what a song 🎵 !!

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  2. Lovely❤❤❤😊😊😊

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