Budding Photographer – 11

Each new day is a blessing. Let go of all worries and
be grateful for all the positive in your life..
Stay positive…Stay happy..


Dear Friends,

Photography captures people and personalities. Every person is different — that’s why the photography genre has various styles.

The best way to understand different types of photography is through practice only. It is my endeavour to share different types of Photography as I am passionate about this hobby.

Let us start this journey, what I feel is the most excited.

Today I would like to share the moments with faceless photography. I had a curiosity about this subject as it creates an opportunity for creativity and new thought.

Faceless photography gives us a chance to capture those candid, in-between moments where our subject isn’t looking at the camera directly.

Yes, we have to click the subject into motion. Faces may be covered with hair or the face interacting with their environment.

A “faceless portrait” may sound like something of a paradox. In this type of photography, we find…

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