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View of Nathula Pass

Dear friends,

This summer season I got an opportunity to enjoy the cool – cool weather by wearing a sweater and jacket.

Yes, my family and I visited Gangtok, Sikkim last month.

Actually, we all wished that we would have some memorable moments of frosty weather in this summer season. That is why we just planned to visit Gangtok and Nathula.

What I feel is that, Gangtok-Nathula pass had an adventurous journey with tough driving. But we enjoyed the adventure with deceptive roads and high-altitude winds.

We had booked a Car from the tour operator for our complete tour for one week before the start of our journey. As per schedule, we had to start our journey early in the morning from Gangtok.

Since Nathula is a Protected Area, we had got PAP (Protected Area Permit) just before starting our journey to Nathula.

The mighty mountain…

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