# Happy Buddha Jayanti #


Today we are celebrating the festival  known as Buddha Purnima,. It is also called Buddha Jayanti. Yes today is the birthday of Gautam Buddha. 

We celebrate buddha Purnima with great fervor  . The day is celebrated in honor of lord Gautam buddha who taught about nonviolence compassion and tolerance. 

This festival, buddha Purnima is being  also celebrated sri lanka, china, Bhutan, Tibet , Nepal  and south Asian country  like Thailand, korae Vietnam laos, combodia magnolia and Indonesia on this day .

Fortunately, I had got an opportunity to join this festival in Thailand while I was on tour there in 2014.

Temple of Golden Buddha , Thailand

We came to know that this day is very important for us because three major events took place in the life of the lord Gautam buddha who is the founder of Buddhism on this day.

– It was on a full moon day in the month of May, that prince Siddhartha Gautama was born in 563 BC in Lumbini, now in  Nepal.

– He attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree after six years of hardship, also on the full moon day in May.

– After teaching for 45 years, Gautama buddha attain nirvana, the cessation of all desire, also on the full  moon day of May. .    .

When the Buddha was 80, one day he was very sick and he knew he wouldn’t live much longer. He was in the vicinity of Vaishali, now in Bihar. He spent his time visiting groups of his disciples and recommending Dharma practices.

He said: ‘We should not take refuge in anything except in ourselves. There is an island, very safe, very peaceful, within every one of us. we should go back to ourselves and take refuge on that island. Don’t take refuge in anyone, anything else but yourself, and take refuge on the island within yourself.’

Finding Peace

In our society today, it feels like everything is  changing with speed and people are feeling overwhelmed.

We are always in ahurry.  But the problem is that, we  believe that happiness is in the future.

 if we stop speeding and running, we can find happiness right in the here and now. There is no true happiness without peace. If we continue to run, how can we have peace?

This is the fact that , we are running away from ourselves, our families, and nature. We are afraid of going home and taking care of ourselves. We do not have the time to take care of our beloved ones. And we do not allow Mother Earth to heal us.  

Buddhism is the teaching of waking up. Our society needs a collective awakening in order to save ourselves from our crises. So, the practice is that awakening should take place in every step, everywhere.

 If you have awakening, you know that you have a path of happiness. You stop suffering, and you can help many other people do the same.

On buddha Purnima we recall the principals of lord buddha and reiterate our commitment to fulfil them. The thought of lord buddha can make our planet more peaceful, harmonious and sustainable.

Begin each day with optimism and end with forgiveness.

Happiness in life begins and ends within your heart.

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  1. Hope that some of our leaders, ‘ours and theirs’, all across the world follow at least some of these sound advices….I doubt, but as it is written, I will try some optimisms…:)

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  2. Optimism with patience paves way

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  3. Salve Grande Buda 🌸🌸🌸🌸

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