Journey in the woods

I took a walk in the wood and came out taller than the tree.

dear friends,

 We all  are suffering from heat wave here, that make us feel very uneasy these days.

Schools are also declared summer vacation because of scorching heat. But I learnt that Gangtok and Darjeeling are still having pleasant weather. There came an idea that click in my mind – why not I should visit Gangtok in this vacation and enjoy the cool – cool weather there.

This is the best way to enjoy the cool effect in this scorching heat.  I with my family visited Gangtok, and Siliguri ..

Actually, we all wished that we would spend some memorable moments of frosty weather in this summer season. That is why we planned to visit Gangtok and Nathula.

We all got boarded in the train to New Jalpaiguri from Kolkata and next morning we reached there.

After our morning breakfast, we had occupied a  car as already booked through Travel agent.

We all were feeling the pleasant morning weather. We were lucky that the weather was clear, and the rain was completely stopped at that time.

 The car was moving on his speed and we were enjoying the beautiful views of hilly terrain. On my left side, there were long trees of Pine standing and on the right side river Teesta was flowing, that was making our journey enjoyable.

After an hour-long journey, we reached Rangpo. That was the point from where Sikkim State was welcoming us.. We have got our security checked there and then we continue our journey ahead  .

Well, we were enjoying the long range of mountains view that was actually surrounded by greenery of vegetation and long pine trees. That was the experience of an adventurous journey .

There is always an adventure waiting in the forest .

The journey of mountains gave the opportunity to view many recreation activities on the way..

Every turn, we could see the Teesta welcoming us with her renewed freshness..

After Rangpo , the next hilly town was Melli. Here Teesta river was very close to our journey path . We had to encounter the splendid view of the Teesta River here. There was some recreation activity going on. We stopped our car there and enquired about the activity .

There is joy in the woods just now, the leaves are whispers of song .

That was rafting., one of the popular adventure activity. Melli is the most popular place for rafting on the river Teesta. People were enjoying the adventurous rafting in the Teesta River. I also had a wish to join the stream, but we had a paucity of time and had a lunch time as we all were feeling empty stomach.

My driver was skilful, and we made him our tour guide.  He told me that river Teesta and Rangeet gush down the Himalayan mountains and its meeting point is called Triveni. It creates foaming white water and stretches with varying rapid that are excellent for rafting.


We found the rafting with camping there . The valley and the landscape around the rivers had created an amazing scene. Rafting gives us an opportunity to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the dense forest along the slope of the mountains, the vegetation, the many types of birds and fishes in the water. I have a promise to myself that on the next trip I will enjoy Rafting definitely.

Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time .

Actually, the Teesta River originates from Tso Lhamo lake in north Sikkim from an altitude of over 5330 meters, while Rangeet originates from a glacier of mount Kabru in the lower Kanchenjunga region. Teesta eventually forms the boundary between Darjeeling and Sikkim.

After lunch there at Teesta Bazaar, we continued our journey for Gangtok. We were enjoying the beautiful views of Green hilly terrain.

The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.

Faith in god.

At one place, our Car suddenly stopped and my driver raise their hand for blessing of Maa Kaali. A small temple was there on the road side. My driver told the astonishing fact. During the discussion, they revealed the fact that this place was very common for land sliding .  We had frequently encountered the problem of road block. That problem we had faced for  many years. . But after the installation of this temple ,the grace of Maa kali has stopped completely the land sliding . This reveals that God is there, our faith is there.

A forest of these trees is a spectacle too much for one man to see.

After 5 hours of journey, we were about to reach Gangtok but, on the way, we had encountered the Bird century. My granddaughter is very fascination to birds and so she was eager to visit that bird’s sanctuary. It was 4 o’clock, and we had an opportunity to visit there as they opened it up to 5 o’clock for the public.

We stopped the car and, in a few moments, we were in the dense forest of that bird sanctuary.  What a beautiful view of landscape and greenery had all around. Really, that was amazing. The evening was cool and soothing to our eyes. I could not resist myself clicking that beautiful view.

Please enjoy with us the beautiful view of landscape and journey in the woods.  

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  1. It was a beautiful blog dear uncle. I’m glad I came across your blogs. The name itself “retired kalam” made me go through your posts, and they were wonderful. 😊

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  2. Good sharing. Wish you would have more such trips in years to come.

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  3. I remember visiting Kali temple. Once in Nathula, you must have also visited baba Harbhajan Singh memorial.

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  4. Bangkok,Jalpaiguri and Darjleeng are beautiful place for enjoying in summer. Cool climate and mountain .People staying inKolkata usually enjoy holiday in these place.Journey to the place by you are so good and expressing through writing is appreciable.

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  5. Interesting!!
    Seems like a beautiful experience 😃

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  6. Such beautiful story Sir. Beautifully written. I’ve never been there, but reading your blog makes me feel like I’ve been to those places you describe in your writing. Love reading it

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