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 Health is God’s gift to us. Health refers to the physical and mental state of a human being. To stay healthy is not an option but a necessity to live a happy life. The basic laws of good health are related to the food we eat, the amount of physical exercise we do, our cleanliness, rest, and relaxation.

We are suffering from the scorching summer these days. It is necessary to avoid dehydration by taking healthy drinks to keep yourself fit.

Benefit of Coconut Water:

Here, I would like to discuss the benefit of coconut water and also its harmful effects..

I usually break my morning fast by taking coconut water. Coconut water is made from the clear liquid inside green coconuts. It contains electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that are  beneficial for our health..

About 95  % of coconut water is just water. As such, it can help to prevent dehydration also.

I remember the day when I first landed in Kolkata as I got my posting here. It was a matter of  20 years back.

 I was suffering from stomach upset for a long time because it did not suit the water here. 

 One of my friends suggested that the water here is got high iron content . To keep your stomach in better condition, you have necessarily to drink coconut water. And if you drink coconut water, it keeps your body energetic throughout the day and keeps your stomach in order.

Experts also said that drinking coconut water in the morning is most beneficial. If you drink coconut water in the morning, then it keeps your body energetic throughout the day. Let us know the benefits of drinking coconut water.

It contains Natural Electrolyte

Coconut water contains natural electrolytes. It has a rich source of potassium, which plays a vital role in the body, including helping with kidney function and muscle contractions.

Consuming coconut water is also good for kidney health. It is helpful in keeping the urinary track clean and also does not allow stones to grow in the kidney.

The immunity of the body remains good .

The immunity of the body remains good with its regular consumption. This reduces the risk of many diseases. It is very effective for thyroid patients. Thyroid hormones are balanced by drinking coconut water in the morning.

Beneficial for Heart health

Coconut water may be helpful in  promoting heart health. Its potassium may help reduce blood pressure. There is a lot of potassium, magnesium, and iodine in coconut water. They support the heart and blood vessels, and iodine is essential for the endocrine glands.

Coconut pulp contains a lot of fiber and fatty acids, which are beneficial for intestinal flora. A small amount of this product relieves inflammation in stomach ulcers and intestinal colitis.

Though coconut water can play a role in a heart-healthy diet, a person should still follow dietary recommendations from their doctor.

It contains  High Potency Antioxidants

Coconut water contains antioxidants, which help neutralize oxidative stress and free radicals.

In several studies over the years, it is found that coconut water’s high potency antioxidants helped to reduce cholesterol and keep our body fit.

It Controls Blood sugar Level

Drinking unsweetened coconut water instead of sugary beverages may help a person with diabetes to control their blood sugar levels. However, unsweetened coconut water contains natural sugars, so a person may need to limit their intake.

The researchers found that coconut water led to improvements in blood sugar control and a reduction in overall blood sugar levels.

It Promotes Kidney health

Drinking coconut water regularly may help promote kidney health. According to study It is found that  coconut water helped them lose more citrate, potassium, and chloride during urination, indicating that coconut water might help loosen stones or prevent them from forming.

Coconut water is beneficial for skin health

Drinking coconut water or applying it to the skin may have a moisturizing effect. In addition, consuming coconut water helped prevent damage from free radicals. It has Vitamin E  which is considered a “beauty vitamin” and is good for the skin. Coconut oil nourishes and refreshes the skin, slows down the aging process, and fights minor inflammation. Lauric acid inhibits pathogenic microorganisms. Coconut oil also improves the condition of hair and nails.

Coconut water helps in weight loss

Pure coconut water contains 45 calories in 1 cup, making it a healthy replacement for more sugary drinks. Making this swap may support weight loss efforts and help with maintaining a moderate weight.

If you want to lose weight, then this is very effective for you. The amount of calories and fat in it is very less,. After drinking coconut water, there is no hunger for a long time, due to which there is no need to eat from time to time.

Keep stomach in order:

Because of its high fiber content, coconut enhances intestinal mobility and fights constipation. Coconut Oils envelop the inflamed mucous membranes and accelerate their healing, so coconut oil is recommended for stomach ulcers, gastritis, and colitis.

Harm of coconut

Coconut is high in fiber and is a natural laxative. In people prone to diarrhea, coconut, especially fresh coconut, can cause flare-ups. Also, it is better not to give such heavy food to children under 2 years of age. Allergy sufferers from coconut are at an increased risk of allergic reactions.

Disclaimer: It does not confirm the methods mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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