#Art is my passion#

Good evening friends,


Dear friends,

I love sketching and painting. During my professional career, this hobby was in hibernation. After my retirement, I took the pencil in my hand again because I still love drawing & painting.

Some of my friends raise questions before me about this hobby.

They say that there are so many hobbies with which we can improve our physical and mental health. I think drawing is simply a waste of time. You cannot start this type of hobby at this stage of life. There is no scope of career growth, etc etc .

I Love Drawing

There were two options before me: either I start doing this to go for a professional career or just do it for the sake of my hobby. But the fact is that I have an interest in doing art and drawing.

Now the question is how to continue this passion in a better…

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  1. Glad that you do what you like notwithstanding others’ comments.
    Thank you for following The Amateur Pen sir.

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  2. It’s okay to follow or do what you find very interesting, for money or not.

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  3. A very beautiful share sir ji!!!
    Today is world creativity and innovation day, so this blog fits perfectly here.
    I think sir, you need another blog for today like an exhibition of your art!!

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