# Thank you Dear friends #

A stone is broken by the last stroke of hammer.
this doesn’t mean that the 1st stroke is useless.
Success is the result of continuous and persistence effort.



I am blogging just for two years and I am happy to say that this is my 1,000th blogs today on my wall…http://www.retiredkalam.com.

I also want to share that my Blogging reaches 1.58 lac views 725 followers and 39 k likes . A Special thanks to all my dear friends for following my Blogging site everyday and make beautiful comments and likes..

It is true that many times, I blog over my feelings and quirky incidents that happens around us.

There are so many beautiful thoughts flow off in our mind and slowly getting fade of like melting ice cream., you are required to catch those thought and write down on your paper before they vanished from our mind..

It is a challenging task and I am trying to do that .

Sometimes I write in a hurry and at the end of the post, I smiles…

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12 replies

  1. Wow 1000th Blog!!
    This is amazing sir!!
    Keep growing and keep sharing

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  2. Wow, it’s a beautiful result, 🤩! Congratulations! 👏👏👏👏👏

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  3. Congratulations!

    You have a lovely smile.

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  4. Congrats! You have it wisely deserved. 👍🤗

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  5. Congratulations uncle🎉🥳👏

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