# Faith in God #

Dear friends,
Yes, having faith is having trust. We have to trust with our entire being that God is with us , that he will help us and take care of us.

He knows what is best, but to truly embrace what he has planned for us, We have to fully trust. Our trust is not foolish, for our God is both faithful and good.

Angad’s faith in Lord Ram

We have just celebrated Ramnavami, and in remembrance of that I would like to present a beautiful incidence from Ramayan. That is the dialogue between Angad and Ravana .

O Lord, Stay in the hearts of that devotee who are full of reverence. And in their heart, they depend only upon you for their protection.

Remember that Angad. when the bridge was built over the ocean from Rameswaram to Lanka, the army of Lord Ram crossed over. They stay there because it was night- time.

The next morning Ram asked — now what strategy should we employ?

Jamvant suggested .. My lord, you are most proper in your conduct and in the following dharma. You should give Ravan one chance.

Ram said — very correct.

He called over Angad, who was Bali Putra, and nephew of Sugreev.

Ram said –Angad, go as my messenger, and try to convince Ravan.

Everyone knows , Angad is going into the mouth of the enemy. Just Imagine, all the rakshas and demons are there. 

But Angad was fearless because he knew that my lord Ram sent me. He is protecting me.

So he proceeds there . He jumped over the wall of Lanka city and he walked in .

Now the rakshas and rakshasis, they all see the monkey is coming.

And the wonder, is he the same monkey?

They referring to hanuman who burned the entire city of Lanka . Thinking so , they start moving out.

Angad asked to one rakshas … where is the palace of your king ?

They replied with fear …There, there…  not here.

The Angad seen the respect they are offering to him . he realises that it is not due to him. It is all because of hanuman ji .

He walks in , and when he reached the palace,  Ravan servants informed that one monkey has come. He wishes to meet you.

Ravan said — call him in .

The moment the Angad walked in , everybody in the court of Lankapati Ravana , they all stood up.

Ravan said angrily — why you are standing up in the respect of this monkey? Just sit down.

Ravan’s rule was that even if a devata ( demi god) comes, nobody should stand up.

Reverence to Ram’s das. The servant of Ram.

Ravan asked Angad …who are you?

Angad said … I am a messenger from Lord Ram and I have come with a message for you.

Ravan said – really ?. Where are you from ?

Angad said – I am actually a child of your friend.

Ravan said as astonished — my friend ?

I don’t have any friends, whom are you referring to ?

Angad said —Do you remember ? There was a monkey in south India called Bali.

Now that word rang the bell in Ravan’s head. Because a fight had taken place between Bali and Ravan and Bali had kept Ravan’s head under his armpit for six months.

So Angad was reminding him.

Remembering Bali, Ravan said — yeah, how is he doing now-a-day ?

Angad said,— where he has gone, you are going to go in ten days. If you don’t, listen to me .

Ravan said —  what ?

Yes, He is dead. So Angad said — look, you have committed a crime, and the penalty for that is death.

But I have come with a message that gives you one chance.

You go and fall at the feet of Lord Ram  and cry , weep and beg for forgiveness.  

Ram is kind. He will condone all your offenses. And free you. That is your only chance .

Ravan said— You have the gumption to speak to me like this.

Nobody does in the three worlds. , tell me like that.

If Ram is as good as you are claiming, he is. Then why did his father take him out of the city and send him to the forest? ?

If he is so wonderful, why is he roaming around in the forest and in ascetic dress (tapas vesh) ?

Hearing the Lord Ram criticized like that , Angad Could not tolerate. 

He took his fist and smashed it on the ground and said angrily — . How dare you to speak like that ?

Because of the smash ,the earth started trembling . The crown on the Ravan’s head, that fell to the ground . Angad grabbed the crown and tossed them, and Ravan quickly put the others back on his head.

 Now, here Lord Ram was sitting outside with his army when some unidentified flying objects came there. .

People asked .. what are these ?

Ram said—These are Ravan’s crown. All these are sent as a sample by Angad.

Here, Angad said to Ravan, — you know, I just smashed the ground, and you saw what happened. Supposing I had smashed your head, what could have happened?

The courtiers said— no  no, don’t do anything like that.

Now Angad asked Ravan – If you are , so infatuated by mother Sita,  why did you not go for the swamber?

Ravan said, — I did go there. But some work came up, and I saw the bow is of my guru lord Shiv. , how can I break it ?

Angad said – In that case , I will create a new swamber for you. Yes, Angad has his faith in the lord Ram. He has full conviction that they have sent him for the lord’s work and lord Ram will protect him.

Angad said — I will make a new swamber for you.

He planted his foot on the ground and said—If you lift my foot or anybody in this court and we will lose Maa Sita.

Ravan said – Wow, he asked some of them to go .

Now, one after the other, they go to catch Angad’s feet. But they cannot move it .

Angad said to Ravan, ” Why are you sending these intermediaries,.

Why don’t you come yourself ?  Ravan now came  , approached Angad’s leg . He bowed down and grabbed his foot to shake it.

And Angad suddenly screamed, if you have to grab anybody’s feet, don’t grab my feet. Grab the feet of Ram, Ravan became nistej, lusterless, . embarrassed, and he walked off.

Angad said— we will now meet you on the battleground.

They settled the matter and saying that he went back .

In Ramayana ,this incidence showed that — where is your faith ? Who is protecting you? Your house, or your bank balance or the insurance policy ,? Someone can snatch away these in a moment.

If your faith is in these , then, you will always have fear,  and if your faith is in the God, you will be fearless. 

( Pic source : Google.com)..

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  1. Beautiful script about angadh s role ramayan

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  2. Beautiful thoughts written. Trust and faith are two things that every person has.Every person has faith on God.We have trust on us so that we are living on this earth. If someone violates,that is betray. Nice

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    Good morning friends..
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