#Happy moments of Blogging #

Dear friends

Today I got my WordPress notification which reminded me that today is important for me because I got 1000 followers on my blog .

Really, I am thrilled to know that I have touched the set milestone of having over 1,000 followers on WordPress in just two years of journey..

retiredkalam.com has 1,000 Followers

I would like to give a huge thanking to everyone who sower blessings , follow this page and comments on content. I appreciate with the bottom of my heart for your support and enjoy engaging with you. It would not be possible without your help and support. You help to achieve my set goal. I am really, really grateful for this.

Yes, today I am very happy because in the journey of completing  two years of my blogging, This should be considered as my achievement.

Today I am happy because   ..

·        One, it feels good to see that I have achieved the goal set during this covid pandemic.

·       Two, This blogging keeps me engaged throughout the period of pandemic and keeps my cool amidst the hue and cry all around.

Starting a blog during a pandemic has just soothing feelings and is a good thing for me.  It helps to keep me good at physical and mental health.

 Today, I remember the day that was my first blog written and posted on 31st December 2019 along with my happy new year celebration.

 I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for traveling this memorable journey with me.   I shall ever remain grateful to you all..

One more thing I would like to share with you all that ,

I have posted 1,505 Blogs

I have written and posted 1,505 Blogs in the span of two years,

Sometimes beautiful thoughts flow off in my mind and I just catch that thought and write it down through my blog post.

Although it is a challenging task, I am trying to do that.  I am thankful to you all that you like my blogs and support me in my journey. 

My blogging reaches 2.28 lac views,

Yes, my blogging reaches 2.28 lac views, from all over the world. Friends from different countries have supported in this journey and keep me motivating all the way. I am happy that the viewership is increasing day by day.

I have posted 350 blogs on a streak.

WordPress .com notified me, I have posted 350 blogs on a streak. I feel happy about that. My target is to go up to 500 blogs on a streak. Let us try to achieve the set target.

It has been a wonderful experience in this journey and I feel proud of myself for that.

I am not a serious writer but I use to post blogs on a daily basis without fail and my WordPress .com has 68000 visitors .

Yes, I am still learning blogging, because it is helping me develop a lot of the right attitude about life..

Time to celebrate

It also teaches me not to take life so seriously. It is showing me how to enjoy life in any given circumstances and how to fulfill my aspiration.

I remember the day when one of my close friends told me that I should plan my long-term future goal about my writing.

You will be called an author one day and you will feel satisfaction in achieving something. You could also look at the present, and simply write for now and see where this leads you.

You should not be afraid of trying out something new about writing.

 You should be confident and trust yourself.  If you have crossed the point where you wonder if this is your passion, it certainly means it’s worth attempting enough. Who knows where you could reach in the future? All the Best. Those words always haunt me in my memories.

I am enjoying my writing

Friends, now, I am writing short stories, poems, motivational articles, and my memoir. And I used to post one article on a daily basis through my Blog and feel happy to read your words of appreciation. Really, I am enjoying my writing Blog very much.  

Now, I feel that writing is my passion and I am continuing my journey of writing even if I know the fact that sometimes nobody else other than me will ever read it.

Once again, I am grateful for my blogger friends and also online friends for assisting and cooperating with me for my successful blogging. All these are not possible without you all.

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  1. Beautiful blog sir!!
    Glad to know all this, best wishes and congratulations 🙂
    Keep sharing and keep inspiring.

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  2. Congratulations 🎉

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  3. Congratulations sir 🙏😊
    Keep writing and keep sharing your words 🙏

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  4. Congratulations 🎊. Wish you will reach better benchmark in field of blogging with happy n healthy years.

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  5. Congrats. That’s an achievement. Khush Raho.

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