Our Planet, Our Health

Dear friends,

Today is 7th April, and we are celebrating World Health Day. We mark this day the foundation of World Health Organization on April 7, 1948.

The theme for this year is Our Planet, Our Health“, which aims to keep humans and the planet healthy and to create societies to focus on well-being.

 As per WHO, the theme has been derived from Coronavirus pandemic, alarming pollution level and an increasing incidence of related disease.

Climate change and Health

Our health is primarily influenced by genetics and our lifestyle. But it is also affected by environment and climatic condition around us.

It is estimated that around 13 million deaths around world each year are because of avoidable environmental causes. There is a debate over climate change all over the world. Over 90% of people breathe unhealthy, polluted air, resulting in several respiratory and other ailment in the human body. Climate change has a very severe effect on us leading to death and illness from polluted water and air., heat waves, storms, floods. it not only affects physical health but also mental issues.

Need of the hour

We have experienced global warming, frequent natural disasters, water crisis, a rise in pollution everywhere. It is said that after 50-60 years sizeable chunk of the fertile land will be converted into barren land because of degradation of soil. This results in severe food crises in the world if we do nothing to save the earth.

When our family grows, we move to a bigger house, but we have only one planet to live on which cannot grow bigger. So we must control population, respect environment and limit plastic and electronic waste to the minimum.

Reduce Carbon footprint

According to WHO, between 2030 and 2050, climate change is expected to cause approx.. 250000 additional deaths per year from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea and heat stress. Climate change involves pollution and global warming because of industrial and vehicle emission. That lead to many respiratory and other diseases. Along with that, there are extreme climates and rising sea level. Extreme climate hampers our agriculture too.  

UN has accepted a net zero emission target to minimize the emission.  It is time for us to heal our dying planet by curtailing the fossil fuel consumption and vegetation.  

There is a deforestation, industrialization all that affects our eco system.

Healing Art Events

In every crisis, it often seems that the first to arrive to help are healthcare workers and artists. This was most recently true during the pandemic, and it is increasingly true as the consequences of climate change become more apparent. Human caused climate change has created an existential threat to life on this planet and has dramatically altered our health and wellbeing as well as our conception of ourselves and our place in the world. It is in this spirit that we have called together care providers and artists across genres and geographies who recognize the relationship between planetary and human health. Health care providers are prescribing nature visits to increase vitality and reduce stress and anxiety. Artists are using the transformative power of the arts to promote awareness, dialogue, imaginative action, and a sense of reconnection. This conversation for Our Planet, Our Health brings us into a fuller, sensory immersion of the reciprocal relationship between care for our planet and ourselves.

We should tweak our lifestyle

Tweaking our daily lifestyle by a little can play the most important part in reducing our carbon footprint. Climate change influences human health and disease in many ways. It causes extreme weather, land degradation and water scarcity and affecting our physical and mental health.

We should switch to natural ways of exercising instead of using machine, shift to the organic lifestyle, i.e. ban on plastic, use of organic manures for saving our soil, shift to bicycle or public transport to reduce pollution . Start planting trees around us and control unnecessary consumption of electricity in our house. All these minor changes will definitely help in protecting our environment.

We should maintain balance

The pandemic has revealed weaknesses in all areas of our society and underlined the urgency of creating sustainable well-being societies committed to achieving equitable health now and for future generations without breaching ecological limits,”.

The health crisis in this pandemic has forced us to revisit our priorities regarding our health and environment. We need to deescalate our lifestyle to ensure a greener planet and a sound mental and physical wellbeing as the prime importance.

Friends, “we have to break these cycles of destruction for the planet and human health , that requires legislative action, corporate reform and individuals to be supported and motivated to save the earth and to save ourselves.

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  1. Importante informação, lindo desenho ✨ Seguimos lutando pelo bem do nosso planeta! Parabéns 👏👏👏

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  2. I missed this day
    I came to know about it yesterday itself and couldn’t write a blog for this day

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  3. Great post with important messages.

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