# Artistic Journey of a Blogger#-2

I am doing sketches and artwork on a daily basis and improving day by day. I am not an artist, but eager to learn how to draw and paint .

I wanted to do a colorful piece of painting which can be the showpiece of my drawing room.

But I know I am not good at painting, but learning and practicing on a daily basis to reach our desired place.

The emotions are sometimes so strong that I work without knowing it. The strokes come like speech.”

I know many of our friends are amateur artists and hobbyists. But in fact, I am a student in the subject of Art and Artist, and you can call me amateur artists.

The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”

I am a beginner myself not too long ago, and not having quality Artwork, just on the way of learning process. Graphite pencil was my first choice to make sketches. Using different type of graphite pencil for my work.

Drawing is the most creative fields. One tool without which dawning is impossible. Yes, that important tool is — a pencil. It doesn’t matter if you’re an architect, a professional fine artist, or just like me, learning how to draw, a good graphite pencil is an essential part of drawing, as my drawing teacher said on the very first day.

I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.”

For the last one year, I was using graphite pencil only while learning how to sketches. I just sharing my sketches here using only graphite pencil.

Keep in mind that what is the object to draw, we use graphite pencil in different grades. This will allow you liberty to make different shades in your drawing using different type of pencils.

While drawing, I discover what I really want to say .

Some of my drawings are an impressive range of vivid colors and many single pigments shades.  It is now my passion and enjoying this hobby.

It’s just doing repeating patterns that look some beautiful images. It is truly an activity that is therapeutic, soothing, relaxing for me. It can also be visually very appealing.

Drawing at its best is not what your eyes see but what our mind understands.

Someone truly said , As creativity has no bounds, the possibilities are endless. I want to do more and more artwork and sharing with you all friends through this blog .

I am by no means an expert but would like to share some of my drawings which are made with the help of color pencil and pestle color.

I sometimes think there is nothing so delightful as drawing.

I have a folder enclosing my pencil work but that is now scrap. I use those pencil drawings  to test colors on them by layering, and using blenders. Which allows me to see how the colors will look on those drawings.  All these activities keep me excited  and find learning opportunities of color drawing.

And, drawing is a way for you to express yourself clearly without words.

It’s always easier to draw from a reference photo than from your imagination. I use photographs from the free  pic site , which is very helpful to me.

I was convinced that I simply wasn’t born with any “artistic” genes or talent, in spite of that I take a challenge to myself to learn drawing at this stage of life. Because someone said truly that we can learn drawing by practice only that provides me inspiration. that is why, at the age of 63, I ended up in a drawing class for beginners.

Keep a bad drawing until by study you have found out why it is bad.

That is where my glimmer of hope of learning to draw was reignited. I discovered that drawing was a teachable skill,  and anyone can learn how to be an artist .

I have shared   with you some of  my colorful drawings and hope you will like that .

I am not good at drawing, But all that is your love and affection which keeps me going. Thank you for visiting.

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  1. Sua trajetória é de muito talento e persistência… Parabéns 🧚‍♀️✨

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  2. Yes drawings, paintings, etc, are teachable skills. The most beautiful thing about art is we don’t see our signature style and our soul at the start but after some time our inner self gets very obvious and I do believe that we all have beautiful and unique souls. Art is a means to reflect what’s hidden and only we have the authority to bring it to surface. Art can heal as well.

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  3. Your drawings and paintings are not so bad.You have developed attitude to learn at this age is appreciable. All drawings and paintings have beautiful meanings.

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