#Missile man of India#

Every Smile, every loving word. every kind action
are reflection of the beauty of our heart and soul.


When problems besiege us, we should refuse to be defeated and we must persist in the face of them. It is said that successful people are not those who never face any problems, but those who did not allow themselves to be defeated.

They always use to persist in the face of problems till the solution was reached.

One such successful person has been the most popular Indian president till today.

Yes, I am talking about Dr. A P J Abdul kalam.

Astonishingly, this immensely successful person had exceedingly humble beginnings.

Once he said . .All birds find shelter during rain. But Eagle avoid rain by flying above clouds. Problems are common but attitude makes the difference.

His father was a boatman in the southern part of India, where they used to ferry passengers from Rameshwaram to Dhanush Kodi.

Abdul Kalam was the youngest of 5 siblings and he did…

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  1. Great post!!
    I think young generation should definitely read this.

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  2. Excellent information about our former president. My daughter has met him when he worked as an advisor in Anna University Chennai. It was a proud moment for her.

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  3. An inspiring post!!! Respect for the legend APJ Abdul Kalam Sir. Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us😄

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