# My sketch Book #

When somethings go wrong,
Take a moment to be thankful for
the many things that are going right.


Today as I was cleaning out my box full of old books, I suddenly had an old sketchbook in my hand.

I started turning his pages and looked at those sketches carefully. They all looked very bad,

Yes. My sketchbook filled with bad drawings..

It is indeed a matter of relief that my sketchbook is vey personal.

I don’t want to show you those sketches,

Honestly speaking. these sketches are made one year before when I just started learning how to sketch.

these sketches are from the days when I initially started to learn drawings.

I remember one incident when going through the facebook post I found one of my friend had posted their sketches and drawing which was amazing and beautiful inspiring art.

Then, an idea came in my mind. Why not , I should try to learn the drawing and painting . I am very fond of creative…

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  1. Beautiful drawings.
    Multi talented, great 👍💐

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  2. Wonderful your drawings, 🤩🤩🤩.

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  3. Very beautiful drawings 🌹❤

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