Exercise is necessary

When you finally realize that nothing is permanent in this life,
you will become more tolerant, more forgiving, and less judgmental.
Stay happy…Stay blessed.




It is the end of January and I am experiencing many resolutions to  Exercise are trailing off. I am also one of them.

We were not born to huff and puff on a jogging track, lift weights or contort our bodies into shape.

 Our aversion to a workout is perfectly natural. Avoiding non-essential exertion is simply pragmatic adaptation. I usually think that it is also possible to live a long and healthy life without it. But I was wrong.

Exercise is defined as any movement that makes your muscles work and requires your body to burn calories.

There are many types of physical activity such as swimming, running, jogging, walking, and dancing to name a few.

Doing exercise has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. It may even help you live longer.

I would like to enumerate some  exercise benefits for our body…

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  1. Good to see you on treadmill 👍

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  2. The United Nations agenda which targets Israel: it seeks to delegitimize the Jewish State among the community of nations. Negating the 2nd Israeli war of Independence, as if Nasser never promised to throw the Jews into the Sea, justifies international “democracy” over States Rights. States Rights defines the American Civil War. But in the context of the United Nations, this New World Government seeks to subsume the national sovereignty of individual nations in favor of some international mob like democratic voting block frenzy.

    Chumpsky compares Israel to South African Apartheid, as does Jimmy Carter. The moral piety mandate by which both men justify the attempt to force Israel to surrender the Victory of the June 1967 War, the belief that international voting majorities negate, they over-ride Israeli State sovereignty as an Independent nation. Alas, the UN Charter has no such mandate that international voting blocks\alliances/ take priority over the Independence of nations, to prevent or negate those Independent nations, to determine their own strategic domestic and foreign policy interests.

    Bush #1 declared a “New World Order”. Did this declaration mean a UN World Government? The UN Security Council excludes all permanent members of that UN upper body “Government” from any General Assembly democratic voting block non sense. Permanent Security Council members enjoy veto powers, which negates all democratic voting block majorities shenanigans. But all other nation States, non permanent Security Council lessor ‘nigger’ States, they do not enjoy the benefits of this exceptionalism. International voting block alliances, which dominate the UN General Assembly, they have the power to behave as crazed lynching mobs. Ruled by their irrational emotions of anger and hate, rather that rational intellect.

    The NWO, its political rhetoric\propaganda/ stands upon ‘democracy democracy democracy’, as the new Jesus Christ savior of the world. The frayed attempt to compare black South Africans Tribes with stateless Arab refugees,,, who only since 1964 did these Stateless refugees, guided by Arafat’s inspired propaganda, which styled these defeated Arab refugees, as “Balestinians”. But Arafat’s political rhetoric simply retches with political opportunism. Since when did the Philistine boat people come from Arabia?!

    In the entire history of Arab imperialism, guided by the inheritors of Mohammad, Jerusalem as a city, it never existed as the Capital of any Arab or Muslim government, from Mohammad till today. No nation ever ruled as a Independent power within the borders of present day, post ’67 Israel. The comparison of stateless Arab refugee populations to native tribes who lived their entire history as a people in their native homelands – utterly absurd.

    Chumpsky compares Israel to South African Apartheid, as does Amnesty International. The stench of this ‘moral piety mandate’ by which both men attempt to justify Great Power politics, to force Israel to surrender its tremendous Victory in the June 1967 War; the sewer imperialism that international UN General Assembly majorities, their mob-vote attempts to magically negate,,, to over-ride Israeli State sovereignty as an Independent nation. Despite the fact that most of these mob-voting States, their Home Governments rule their own People through military dictatorships. Alas, the UN Charter has no such mandate, which permits, much less so justifies international voting blocks\alliances/ to take priority over the Independence of nations to determine their own strategic domestic and foreign policy national interests.

    The UN Security Council, it excludes all permanent members of that upper body “”Government””, from any threat of a General Assembly democratic mob-voting block alliance. Permanent Security Council members, they alone enjoy a unilateral veto powers. This Executive veto, it negates all democratic voting block mob-majorities declarations and\or condemnations. But lessor States, non permanent Security Council members, they do not enjoy the benefits of this exceptionalism. Permanent membership in the UN Security Council, it protects the Elite States from international mob-voting blocks democratic politics, which tend to dominate the UN General Assembly diplomatic paper pushing bureaucracy.

    The motive behind this UN claim, which seeks to have international democracy trump\prioritized/, over State Independence sovereignty, it fits nicely into Bush’s artificial New World Order. The negation of the Israeli victory in the June War of ’67, would radically shift the balance of power in the Middle East, back unto Europe, Russia, the US and UN, often known as ‘the Quartet’. Obviously if the West succeeds to impose its mob-democracy religion upon the current Russian\Ukraine border conflict. Russia – at least for a few decades – expelled from the Quartet. The attempt by this imperialist “club of nations”, to reduce their post WWII membership, to restrict the power to carve up and determine the borders of nation states across the Middle East and North Africa. The Western powers, they have a willingness to hold their noses, and permit France to pretend that it too qualifies as a Great Power, within the newly organized Quartet NWO.

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  3. Exercise is definitely important!!
    Thanks for sharing this post, it’s reminding me to get back to exercise schedule from tomorrow. I was unable to exercise due to allergy and lack of motivation.

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