#Budding Photographer#2

For me, Photography is an enjoyable and intriguing art. It is also easier than ever to get started. I had seen those days when we need a portable darkroom for processing a single image. Now, that time has gone long back.

now a days, You may jump right in and start snapping away at anything that catches your eye.

However, mastering the art of photography is not so easy.  We may have one of the most premium cameras with us and still may not be able to produce so-called great captures.

Without an intelligent eye towards capturing the perfect moment, which is often imperfect, even the costly equipment won’t do justice to do it.

From suitable lighting to flashes, filters, and other accessories, there are so many ways to improve our photography.

As we know the phrase, “The perfect is the enemy of the good ?” It means that sometimes you just need to get some initiations in the work you like to do.  I just start clicking out there, and then control the movement of my camera and focus on an object.  It has always been useful for creators like me.

 Because it can help fade the fear of the empty pages in mind.. It is a concept that has helped me often, especially when I am just bored with other serious work.

 I am not so confident in Photography, but always try to do something new. I am a huge fan of creative compromise. I know, I will never be a perfect photographer but have a zeal to enjoy photography as my hobby.

Many of the futuristic technological advancements predicted that with the help of social media, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality, all these technologies are going to become increasingly prominent in our lives, and likewise photography will become more prominent and fascinating in the modern age..

we have read somewhere that photography is the art of capturing light.

The quality and quantity of light certainly separate tremendous images from the mediocre. Early morning & late evenings, which is called the Golden hour are the ideal time for taking beautiful images of nature as the warm hue creates both contrast and depth against the subject.

I know that, time, patience, experimentation, and determination are essential to uncover the talent that may reside within us. Let me know your comments, please.

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  1. Now a days photography is easy because of digitalisation. But one should develop the art of photography. Nice writing.

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    Count your age by friends, not years..
    Count your life by smiles, not tears..


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