My New Passion : Writing


I am writing blogs for the last two years and enjoying with you all posting articles on daily basis.

Now, I am feeling that writing is my passion. There are so many reasons behind that.

There is a war raging in my heart on a daily basis and that is the battlefield for my mind and soul. It is the fact that my mind just commands my hands to write something whenever I feel alone.

Someone said truly that the pen is our sword. Our words are like stealthy daggers that drip and ooze the blood and desires of our thought.

Yes, When writing is your passion, you can’t even breathe without writing. Always trying to get the duality of your thoughts on paper.

If I don’t write for a few days, I feel like I am missing something. I get desperate and try to spill my feelings on the sheets of paper as soon as possible.

Many words keep coming to my mind and I want to express my feelings through writing. I understand that this is my passion for writing.

In the early civilization, writing was used to transcribe events and transactions in primitive civilizations, and now, literature is so wide and variated that some even made it their passion.

While writing anything I feel like I am doing something amazing, fulfilling, and absorbing.

 I always feel that it is a part of my life and its ought to be my vocation.

In the early days, I was hesitating to write because I have no idea what to write. But I am always inspired by the writing of others.

The first time my confidence has boosted up was when I wrote one blog two years back about my memoir and many of my friends have appreciated it. I was feeling so happy about my endeavor.

I always try to think of new ideas to write something. It is my determination to be a writer because I love writing.

one day my friend told me that I should plan about my long-term future goal for my writing. You will be called an author one day and you will feel satisfaction in achieving something.

You could also look at the present, and simply write for now and see where this leads you. You should not be afraid of trying out something new about writing. You should be confident and trust yourself.

If you have crossed the point where you wonder if this is your passion, it certainly means it’s worth attempting enough. Who knows where you could reach in the future? All the Best.

Friends, now, I am writing short stories, poems, motivational articles, and my memoir. And also posting one article on daily basis through my Blog and feel happy to read your words of appreciation. Really, I am enjoying my writing Blog very much.  

Yes, I feel that writing is my passion and now I am continuing my journey of writing even if I know the fact that sometimes nobody else other than me will ever read it..

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  1. Good luck with your writing Verma ji

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  2. Great post. Just keep writing. Your post reminded me I have been writing since I was in school. And now feel that i was born to write.

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  3. Writing is a passion, a good idea in post retirement life which gives a person self satisfaction. Pen is mightier than sword.This is the correct proverb. Keep on writing and use your brain for New innovation and ideas.Nice.Congratulation.

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  4. So true. I mean reading other people’s posts have always been a source of inspiration.

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  5. Nice post.Good evening.

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  6. Let your passion take you where you need to be! 🙂

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  7. I never realised until august(2021) that my passion is writing as-well. I always wanted to create some kind of useful content, but I was afraid, until august, I never thought I will be writing blogs regularly. I really enjoy this process of creating something, although it took prodigious time and effort, but nothing can replicate the satisfaction of writing blogs.
    To you I want to say, Best wishes sir!!

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  8. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    Do not dwell in the past ,
    Do not dream of the future,
    concentrate the mind on the present..
    Stay happy… Stay blessed..


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