#Budding Photographer-1#

Dear friends.

Welcome to the Budding  Photographer show, yes you may call it Photoblog.

Everyone loves photography, I too. As you all know that I am continuously writing blogs but words don’t make a photograph.

The picture is truly a worth thousand words. Photography is my passion and this was my long standings desire to have Photoblog.

Frankly speaking, I have not learned Photography from any institution but got ideas from reading articles and experiencing day-to-day photography.

I feel that Photography is something that can be acquired from practice. A talent on the other hand is a naturally gifted ability to perform some sort of action.

A skilled or professional Photographer has the ability to control the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO,  as required for a good click. And have a technical knowledge also.

But I accept that I have no artistic talent, but have creativity and hobby that keep me going to click here and there.

Friends, I do believe that it is not difficult to become a good photographer, I have created a new category in the name of Budding Photographer (Photoblog) in my Blog Retiredkalam.com.

The first-ever post has been here with the request to please let me know your view on the matter.

 I am doing drawing and sketches also. therefore, one can find a photoblog with my sketches also. Blogging is my favorite place to introduce my photography and my drawing.

I am going to start an inspiring list of quotes with my self-clicked pictures that could keep me motivated While some of these quotes might reiterate how inspiring the art of photography could be for both the photographer and the viewer.

I have a plan to keep a photo diary of my self-clicked images that will be my achievements on day-to-day basis. I will review them to see how well I am progressing.

I know that time, patience, experimentation, and determination are essential to uncover the talent that may reside within us. Let me know your comments, please.

Please click on the link below for . Budding Photographer-2



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  1. Good luck with your new passion Verma ji.

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  2. Great. Photography has been my passion too. Lekin aajkal lafzon se hi kaam chala leta hoon. All the best for your photo blog.

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  3. Photography is a good hobby.In our time,photography was a difficult job.We had to take care because of fear of destruction of film.Now a day,we can make many photographs and if not liked,we can delete. The digitised photography helped us to become more passionate. Very good hobby and keep up.

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  4. Nice efforts. Wishing you a grand success.

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  5. Nice 👍, good luck 🙂

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  6. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    No amount of money can buy a life,
    No guilt or regret can change the Past,
    We can’t always be happy, we can’t always be right,
    But we can always live each day and make things count..


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