# Make a Little Change #

People change houses, Relationships & Friends.
Still, they are Unhappy berceuse they don’t change Themselves…


We are the divine soul and we are an eternal part of God.

As a child of God, we all have infinity potential. Hence if we think that we cannot succeed in life, is a disrespect to the grace of God.

Now, how to manifest that potential which God has bestowed within all of us ?

That is the topic of discussion.

We should know the law of incremental growth, that is how we can achieve success and accomplishment.

In the present world, all in this publicity blitzkrieg you see all around promises for instant success. because that is how today’s marketing is effective.

We find advertisement like this…..

— You spend two hours a day on the internet and earn 100-200,000 dollars. Take this one cream and wipe 20 yrs away from your face.

— Go on this crazy diet and lose 35 pounds.

All these are promising you…

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8 replies

  1. We the human being best creation of God. God give us everything just assessment our internal strength and achieve everything which we desired. Good article sir ji.

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  2. Absolutely correct dear..
    We have got enough potential to achieve everything in life..
    Thanks for sharing your feelings..


  3. Yeah.you are absolutely true.the change in life with time is most important.Rebloged your this post.

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  4. Great post. Personally prefer the long wait before a well earned success. As it’s said, “Easy come, Easy go!”

    Keep the posts coming!

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