#Remember to smile#

There are numerous studies that shows, how the problems of stress and depression is becoming omnipresent and affecting a vast majority of us. A recent study by Assocham revealed that 42.5% of employee in Indian private sector suffer from depression.

It is also revealed that much higher % of the working population is under stress without realizing it. The epidemic of stress is bound to grow as working system undergoing rapid change due to corona pandemic. Yes, in this crisis of the pandemic, we have made many turns, modifying our lifestyle in unimaginable ways.

All these changes may be necessary to stay physically fit and mentally happy. But first we need to understand what depression is ? What is it that happens within us ?

Fundamentally, we expected something to happen but it did not happen. We expected something to be in our way but it did not happen. In other words, what are happening is against what was expecting. That is all the very cause of anxiety & depression.

Accordingly, the depression will run deeper and deeper. We should realize that the world does not go in our stupid way. Either we have no faith in the creator or we have no acceptance, or we are suffering with a hyper-sensitive ego. I think these are all reasons of depression and anxiety.

Depression makes us cynical and is deeply self-damaging. Depressed people only hurt themselves more. Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose the symptom early and make corrective measure accordingly.

Practice Yoga

In yoga, depression is handled at the level of the body, mind and the energies. If the necessary balance and vibrancy is brought about in the physical, mental and energy bodies, to be blissful is very natural. In a blissful being, depression can never exist.

 “Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves chronic stress patterns; relaxes the mind; centers attention; and sharpens concentration,” says Dr.

Yoga is a spiritual, mental and physical practice that has been around since ages. Yoga does more than burning calories and strengthening muscles, it is a workout which involves both body and mind.

Yoga is a good habit and promise the following health benefits:

• Improves posture

• Increases flexibility

• Builds muscle strength

• Boosts metabolism

• Helps in lowering blood sugar

• Increases blood flow

• Keep diseases at bay

• Increases self-esteem

• Improves lung function

• Helps you sleep better

Develop high emotional intelligence.(E.Q.)

Emotional intelligence is all about our understanding of our own emotions and emotions of others and handle accordingly. It is very helpful in staying away from stress as we can observe feeling bodily sensation and thought.

As we develop emotional intelligence we will move towards self-acceptance and learn how to apply wisdom in the perception of ourselves and our world.

Breathe consciously ..

breathing exercise is very helpful to de-stress. Take a long inhale and exhale for some time in between working time and feel cooling down the pressure of work and make ourselves fresh and cool.

Write a journal ..

This is a very powerful technique for dealing with stress. Writing about our feelings and emotions that we felt during the tough time.

We use notepad and sometimes use mobile phone for expressing our emotions which is helpful too.

Meditate to Vent Anxiety & Depression

In simple terms, anxiety is when we can’t regulate our emotions. When we meditate, we assemble those thoughts, sit them down, observe them, talk to them and let them go. And with that, we release the pent-up tension.

Meditation Practice also helps in knowing our bodies. We sense physical movements when we become more sensitive and aware.

Little by little, this technique helps us out in dealing with anxious thoughts so that we could cut them before they crept in our mind.

Practice Laughter Exercise:

It is an exercise. We don’t need to rely on jokes or sense of humor. We do laughter as an exercise to begin with, which turns into real and genuine laughter when practiced in a group.  I generally do laughter exercise with my friend circle during morning walk.

Physiologically, stimulated laughter has similar cardiovascular and respiratory demands as spontaneous laughter. It has many benefits.

   Make Good Mood throughout the day:

 Laughter exercise can change our mood within minutes by releasing endorphins from our brain cells. This makes us feel good and helps in cheerful all throughout the day.

Strong Immune System:

It reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. If your immune system is strong, you will not catch any infection easily.

Improves Brain Function:

Our brain needs 25 % more oxygen for optimal functioning. Laughter exercises can increase net supply of oxygen to our body and brain which helps to improve efficiency and performance. we will feel energetic and can work more than what normally do without getting tired.

High Emotional Intelligence for Success in Life: 

As we know that success in life depends upon 85% Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and only 15% Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Research shows that laughter Yoga increases the Emotional Intelligence.

Develop Self-Confidence:

 Laughter exercise reduce inhibitions and shyness leading to more self-confidence in public speaking and other stage performances.

Friends, there are so many other ways to keep smiling on our face but we have to choose what suits us in this endeavor.

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  1. Wonderful post to destress ourselves.

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  2. Smile, it really costs nothing 😊

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  3. Nice post on looking inward, identifying our internal weaknesses and improving ourself by practicing yoga.

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  4. Nice articles on reducing stress.

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