Health Resolution for “New Year”

Looking to the present scenario of corona pandemic, I have taken some health resolutions for the new year.   It is  only related to  my health, wellness and wellbeing.

My New Year’s resolution is to stick to a good workout plan that will keep me healthy and happy.

I do think the start of a new year can be a refreshing turning point for new habits and also a promise to renew our focus on what matters the most to me.

It is not my intension to put too much pressure on myself  but to focus on the small, doable habits to help my  mental and physical health  in a good condition.

I think, it will help to keep away any type of  chronic illness and pain, and to benefit my overall wellness. I would like to mention here   my health resolutions for the New Year..

Put our mental health first

We use to be frequently stressed, often tired, difficult in finding peace of mind and sometimes we are just looking for greater meaning and purpose in life. Really the life of today is stressful. That is destructive for mental & physical health. 

Yes, in this situation we are in need of Yoga and Meditation. That is a well proven exercise and can be used by anyone and  anywhere.

Friends, we should practice Guided meditations and Yoga that will provide fundamental instructions in mindfulness practice with a focus on understanding and reducing stress. Together, meditation practice and insightful learning that serve as a catalyst for growth in our ability to overcome stress. As I am already doing for the last 5 years, I will continue for this year also.

 Control our Postures

Posture is very important whether we’re standing, sitting, lying or moving.

We should have a look at how we sit, stand, move and lie. How does it feel in our body? Do our muscles feel too tense?

It is obvious, because during working period we generally sitting in a regular chair for a long time , which has resulted in subluxed and dislocating shoulders, tightness around  chest and the diaphragm , and also stiffness in muscle & neck .

In this situation we should try to stretch out our neck gently and roll our shoulders in between when we can.

Prevention is better than cure and a better posture can help not only in staving off problems by supporting our muscles, bones and joints, but it can  also help to boost our confidence and breathing.

I have promise to myself to get enough movement whenever possible.  I will also work on de-stressing to alleviate tension in the muscles. I will  do self-massage around the neck and shoulders, and so on.

Enjoy our Food

Whether we are vegetarian or Non vegetarian, everyone  wants tasty food ,  but it is important to have healthy food .

Food is very much important to control many diseases along with good exercise.

Whatever we are eating,  it should  try not only to label it as being “good” or “bad”, but should also be  knots calorie counting also . Listen to  our body,  what it wants ?

Ask ourselves what we should need for healthy body . I am always trying to have healthy balance food and it is to be continued.

Refreshing ourselves  with nature

Nature can have  both calming and healing ability. One can find that just being in the outdoors in nature or around animals  for sometimes get benefits  to their physical  & mental health. During the pandemic, the effects of the not getting out into nature enough has probably hit our health more than ever.

We should try to spend some relaxing time  a little closer to nature , whenever we can,  that will be helpful. A walk in the park, feeding the Birds, sitting in the  garden, Gardening, spending time with a pet. It all counts.

I really enjoy the nature during my morning walk and do my exercise and in open space in the park on daily basis, get photos along the way and also try selfie to  make sure to take breaks. Sitting there in open space for doing my Yoga soothe my frazzled brain, even if just briefly.

Sometimes I just sit in the garden to de-stress  our mind by seeing  the birds chirping, feeding them and feeling the smell the flowers . This has  incredibly provide calming and refreshing effect to mind.

Experience Laughter Therapy

As we know laughter is good for the soul and mind  and it can help in releasing  some tension that builds up throughout the day.

 There are two factors  that can be considered … One is to  see the lightness to life and finding things that create  smile on my face   and the other we are  being able to laugh at ourselves.

In the morning  generally I  try laughter exercise  by seeing   funny clips on Youtube, silly memes.

It is also important to  learn to laugh at ourself.  This can help with acceptance and with tackling any sense of embarrassment over health issues or other conditions.

For instance, I crack lame jokes about my stoma and try to be more blasé about because if I didn’t, I would have been crushed by embarrassment a long time ago.

Sometimes  I do laughter exercise in the park with all my fellow friends and feel refreshed. It helps offset a little self-consciousness and lightens some of the pressure on your shoulders.

Health concern & Check up

Regular checkup of our body is very important. I use to get full check up  our body once in a year, but  due to  corona  pandemic I couldn’t  do last year.

As I am now senior citizen, I have to  do physical, optical and  dental check-up on regular basis .

I also know that if I leave it much longer, that I will be taken into trouble with dental problem ant optical problem also as such I have decided now to  do  all this work done as soon as possible.

Embrace our Body

 We only have one body and we are the only ones that have to live in it. Nobody else shall stay.

Nobody else should get an opportunity to say to me about  how we should feel or how we should look.

It is the fact that we could not spend enough time on our body to keep fit for one reason or another. After the lapse of sometime  so many body related problem like ,  weight gain from medications, weight loss from  depression, baggy eyes from insomnia and poor sleep and so on  are cropped up.

Only we can embrace our bodies and appreciate what can  be done. The situation may be avoided only if  we can trust our own bodies .

We should Treat ourself and our body with a little more kindness.  We have to ditch the negative self-talk., look after ourself.

This is the appropriate time to  join Gym and do certain   exercise with the help of trainer  to keep our body  fit ..

Friends, Staying fit and healthy plays an important role in our life.  Generally we neglect  our  health because of the hectic daily schedules. But there are little things that we can do each day that will add to being healthy and fit that is the resolution for  our Good health..

Stay healthy …Stay fit …Stay happy…

Yes, New year marks a New beginning, New people to meet, New adventures to enjoy and New memories to create.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year 2022.

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Health is Wealth


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  1. बहुत अच्छा संकल्प लिया है, शुभकामनाएं।

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  2. बहुत अच्छा।

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  3. Good resolution after all health is wealth

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  4. Nice post with resolutios for good health.

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  5. Good health resolutions for 2022.Many tips are in your writing for we senior citizens.

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  6. Nossa saúde física, mental e espiritual sempre em primeiro lugar 💚

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