# Age is just a number #

Friends ,

We are at the last month of this year and still experiencing the pandemic of corona. This corona has forced to change our life style in a big way .

The coronavirus outbreak impacted major aspects of our lives: working remotely at home, online education, and religious services etc.

 Suddenly we started wearing face masks and washing our hands so often that our skin became red, sore, and dry. Families are  not able to visit loved ones in the hospital and not attending  to funeral rituals due to the need for social distancing.

We have forgotten to travel anywhere due to Corona.

We are facing this corona for the last two years and still there is no hope of getting relief from it.

 On March 4, 2020 New Jersey officials announced the first presumptive positive case of COVID-19 in New Jersey; soon after the whole world entered a near-total quarantine lockdown that brought our lives to a halt.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies and businesses to shift their operations online. While there have been improvements in the cases due to the vaccinations and strict health standards still, we are forced to stay inside, employers too are not taking any chances.

They have asked many of their workers to work from home until there is a significant improvement in the cases. But due to onset of new variant called omicron, we are still in the same situation. 

This year 2021 will be remembered as a year filled with challenges, marked by the pandemic.  Our children have been deprived of going to school, and they have experiencing online classes.

Likewise weddings, funerals, some rituals and traditions that COVID severely disrupted. We have lost so many loved one due to corona .

we are helplessly   imprisoned in the house for two years .  we have slowly filled with negativity within us .

It is important to acknowledge our losses. Feeling sad is a normal part of grieving and it’s important to give yourself permission to be sad and to acknowledge the other emotions you might be feeling.

But we should remember to take care of ourself because life is not end here. We have to find ways to get rid of our negativity. This could be sitting with a cup of tea listening to your favorite music, eating healthy, or journaling your thoughts and feelings.

I am Blogging

That is why I had started Blogging and celebrating today  2nd anniversary of my Blogging .

I am happy to let you know that, I have posted 1000 plus articles as on date, and more importantly published 275 blogs in a streak as I found from WordPress notification.

I have connected with 800 plus followers and my blog has got 1.25 lac views.

Blogging is nothing but a way to share our thoughts. I always try to write something interesting, something unique.  And also trying to maintain my blog in a clear, systematic and arranged manner so that it attracts many more like minded people.

However, I am still learning how to write a blog post .

I extend my heartiest thanks to you for your continuous support in this endeavor.

I know it is a continuous learning process and I have to learn something on daily basis.

I feel happy to post my blog with morning message of positive thought.

I love doing experiments with my blog as it always motivates me in doing something new.

I think this is the best way to manage our daily routine, to keep away negativity and to maintain mental health.

Swimming is my passion

Apart from Blogging, I am now developing new habits of swimming in the morning on daily basis.

You will most likely feel better about trying to be more disciplined if you’re taking care of yourself first. “When you make something a habit — a regular part of your daily routine — it actually frees up your brain. You no longer have to decide ‘Am I going to do this today or not?’ You just do it, and your brain is less stressed and freed up for other more important decisions,” says Hibbert about creating healthy habits.

Yes, I am committed to doing the hard work, and maintained discipline in any work. It will serve our purpose, and help in prioritizing my hobbies. I am trying for regular swimming that will make a very good habit and that is a very good physical exercise also. These strategies, and mindset is important for our good physical and mental health.

I Love Playing Table Tennis

Again, a new habit I have started, that is playing Table Tennis in the evening on regular basis. I am very fond of playing Table Tennis.

During my college days, I used to play table tennis a lot but after joining the banking service, this hobby was suppressed.

 Now we have got an opportunity of playing Table Tennis in our society club and I joined the same with young boys to play Table Tennis. I am enjoying a lot  

Being a senior citizen, I don’t have any hesitation to play with young ones because I do not believe in age ... Age is just a number for me.

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  1. Congratulations! Happy blogiversary!! All the best for your endeavours 👍

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  2. Really Age is a number. But child hood is enjoyable. We experience different in every stage of life.

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  3. Nice post on autobiography of blogging and other passionate life style. Withing you a grand success on every effort .

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  4. Beautifully expressed
    Stay safe happy healthy and wealthy


  5. Reblogged this on Retiredकलम and commented:

    The same boiling water that softens the Potato hardens the Egg,
    It is about what you are made of, not the circumstances.
    Stay happy…Stay blessed.


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